this is my why

This is my why

Everyone has a why and I’m telling you mine.


Letter From The Editor – August

My thoughts and musings for the month of August.

letter from the editor july | professional babe

Letter from the editor – July

My thoughts and musings for the month of July.

dating older | professional babe

In Defence of Dating Older

Today we’re talking about dating older men. Is it the formula for finding love?


I want to purchase some doTERRA essential oils

How to purchase your doTERRA oils and save 25%

smokey eye tutorial

Smokey eye tutorial

A video tutorial of how I recreate my signature smokey eye.

how honest should we be when dating

How honest should we be when dating?

Today we explore the level of honesty that should be present in any new relationship… is it okay to lie?

everyday makeup | professional babe

A chatty everyday makeup tutorial

My everyday makeup look that I attempt to do whilst babysitting my pets.

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  • So many people are proud of their body transformations sohellip
  • When it comes to fragrances and scents what ones dohellip
  • I feel like one of my strengths is the confidencehellip
  • Who is part of the sucky sleepers club? I couldhellip
  • Fan of sniffing shit? Me too Essential oils of coursehellip
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