why cant we be upfront

SHESAID: Why can’t we just be upfront?

Why do people feel the need to say they want a monogamous relationship when they don’t?

how to style extravagant sleeves | professional babe

How to look fashionable: big sleeves

My tips for tricking people into thinking you’re fashionable.

animal print neutral| professional babe

SHESAID: In support of ghosting

Why do I owe you a breakup if we’ve never met? I explore the idea of ghosting…

my hair wardrobe | Professional Babe

Building Your Hair Wardrobe

Selecting the appropriate hair products to complete your look.

affection pda stop | professional babe

SHESAID: I’m an affectionate person but the PDA has to stop

My latest article is about why PDA should remain between the sheets, not on the street.

animal print neutral | Professional Babe

Animal print IS a neutral

… a classic print if you’re bold enough to believe so!


Letter from the editor – April

My musings for the month of April.

divulge on a date | professional

SHESAID: How much should you divulge on a date?

My latest article talks about how verbal diarrhoea on a date actually worked in my favour.

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