babes, boobs & polaroids | Professional Babe

Babes, boobs & polaroids – part two

A behind the scenes look into one of the Professional Babe shoots.

omgyes review | Professional Babe

I gave myself the gift of orgasms

A review of OMGYes – a website dedicated to female pleasure by stroking virtual vulvas.


Babes, boobs & polaroids – part one

Why you need to add lady dates into your life – a photo diary.


Letter from the editor – January

My musings for the month of January.

french girl beauty | Professional Babe

The Best French Girl Beauty Products

My top 10 French Pharmacy products you can find in Australia. Also my current skincare regime too! Oh la la!

eliminate stubborn fat  | professional babe

How to eliminate stubborn fat without surgery

An update of how I’ve shifted 14kg with ease through CoolSculpting & proper nutrition & Pilates.

One night stand makeup tutorial | Professional Babe

One night stand makeup tutorial

How to transform your face using the essentials you’ll find in any man’s bathroom.


I’m saving my stripper tips to buy Gucci

In 12 months time, I plan on walking into Gucci and buying a new bag with $5.00 notes

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