How I Lost 12kg Without Breaking A Sweat

Peta Serras

by Peta Serras

My review of the Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Protocol by Cyndi O’Meara

If I was to rewind 365 days, I would have been sitting here writing this blog post 12kg heavier than I am now.

I was overweight, depressed, unhappy and had chronic joint pain and health issues. I didn’t exactly feel like the Professional Babe and the idea of losing 12kg was so daunting and overwhelming. That’s me 12 months ago and that’s me now. Big difference, right?

4 phase fat protocol | Professional Babe

I’d just gotten out of a relationship and it’s safe to say my eating wasn’t the best. The only issue was when I started to eat healthily and exercise, the weight wouldn’t shift.

I meal prepped, I cut out everything that was considering bad out of my diet, I upped the water and I was walking 6km a day and doing Pilates. The weight slowly started to shift, but I was losing max a kilo a week and all I had to do was sniff cake and I’d put it back on – and more!

Initially, when I started my letters from the editor where I documented my weight loss progress, I can wholeheartedly say I was busting my ass.

I started at 83.6kg (although I know I was heavier than that) and I ended up in the high 70’s through a calorie controlled diet with lots of exercise. Though if I ate too much in the next meal or took a weekend off, I would literally put it all back on.

If I’m being honest I gave up on myself. I gave up thinking that I could lose weight and just wondered if I should accept my new size.

I knew this could get easier.

It had to be easier. Losing weight shouldn’t be this hard. I didn’t have the time to do anything extreme because of work.

So not only was I time poor, but I was cash poor too.

Eating healthy can be expensive and I wanted to save money to pay off my debt and shift weight. I wasn’t prepared to drink shakes made of chemicals or spend $300 bucks a month on supplements and drinks to help me shift weight that I had to keep buying every month.

I confided how I felt to a friend about how the weight just fucking wouldn’t shift. Little did I know that she had exactly the same struggles as me, but you’d never know as her and her family are all quite slim. She confided in me that she lost 9kg on a particular program and her parents had done it as well. It was like a metabolic reset without the pills and diet shakes.

I have to admit, I was sceptical. I’d done Isagenix and was worried that it could be another pyramid scheme that I could be sucked into – although I was assured it was nothing like that.

It was called the 4 Phase Fat Protocol and it was run by a very well respected nutritionist, Cyndi O’Meara.

I spent all afternoon researching and then had a talk to my mum about it. I knew if I wanted to set out and do something like this that I needed the support from someone close to me.

To my surprise, my mum wanted to do it as well. She wanted to lose 20kg and I wanted to lose 13.6kg.

We made a pact to do it together and since making that pact she has lost 16kg and I have lost 12kg.

4 phase fat protocol cyndi o'meara | Professional Babe

In the first week of doing the protocol, I shifted 4kg. I didn’t go to the gym. I didn’t sweat. I didn’t have to drink protein shakes that made you hold your nose and quickly count down from 10. I just ate whole foods.

If you’re sitting here reading this with more than 5kg you want to shift and literally think you’re destined to carry it forever then please continue to read this. It’s a completely honest review of the program that I purchased with my own money.

What exactly did you do to lose the weight?

It’s called the 4 Phase Fat Protocol by Changing Habits. You know the nutrition guru Cyndi O’Meara? It’s her program. She modified a popular diet where you do lose a lot of weight called the HCG diet and she made it a whole lot healthier with an elimination diet aspect to help you identify what foods you react to.

Cyndi said, “This program is for you if you want to lose permanent weight in a healthy way. You will gain the knowledge of understanding your body, the right foods to eat to fuel your body, as well as gaining increased energy and wellbeing”.

Why did you do it?

I wanted to lose weight and I tried everything to shift it. I knew something was up and I needed some kind of metabolic reset and I knew this would be good for me to do. I also had the worst joint pain and persistent headaches. My happiness was at an all time low and I needed to change.

So what does the program involve?

It sounds complicated but it’s really not. It consists of 4 phases.

Phase 1: Fat loading. Potentially the best thing since sliced bread – and you can eat bread too. You start taking the drops provided when you buy the protocol and you really up the good fats in your diet. Eat as much fat as you can for 2 days.

Phase 2: You cut out all the good things in life and you die. I’m just kidding. This is the fun part. The part where when you weigh yourself daily you are dropping roughly 300grams a day!! In the first week, people can lose 4.5kg which is insane. You stick to a regimented way of eating with set guidelines and continue taking the drops for approximately 13-43 days.

Phase 3: You keep eating how you were in phase 2 but you lose the drops. You do this for 3 days.

Phase 4: You keep eating the foods you were on phase 2&3 but you eat more of them. You don’t take the drops anymore but every 3 days you introduce a new food and see if it has an inflammatory response. And you’ll know this because you’ll put on weight and feel like shit.

It sounds complicated but it really isn’t. Plus, you get given a stack of e-books to read that explain all of this and more and you also have access to an extremely supportive Facebook group.

Why do you recommend the program?

  • Because I lost a stack of weight
  • Because it was insanely easy
  • I didn’t really have to think about what I ate
  • I saved a boat load of money which meant I could pay off my debt
  • My joint pain and headaches were non-existent

How much did you lose?

My initial weight when I started was 83.6kg. Although I had lost weight the end of 2015, I put it all back on. I started the protocol at 81.6kg. At the time of writing this, I am 71.6kg, so I have 1.6kg to go. The great thing is I know the foods my body loves so when I start to eat them again and lay off the almond croissants, I know I will easily lose that in a week and maintain my weight loss.

What were the positives of doing it?

There are so many so why don’t you get a wine before you read:

  • I lost a stack of weight without really trying
  • I didn’t have to exercise which meant I didn’t sweat out my blowdries
  • Less time worrying about what I was eating meant more time for Tinder dates
  • I lost weight off my problems areas – think arms, butt, lower abs and thighs!!!
  • It came off quickly. Really, really quickly (and it’s stayed off too. Seriously, I’m writing this whilst eating a brownie)
  • My headaches reduced as did my joint pain which meant I was more productive and in a better mood
  • I saved a bucket load of money on food which meant I could pay my debt off faster
  • I quickly worked out my ‘problem foods’ which for me include potatoes, wine, lamb and milk
  • I worked out meals that my body loved – foods that I knew if I ate I would be down 0.5kg the next morning
  • It made me more in tune with my body
  • I developed better eating habits that I’ve stuck with
  • I tried different foods
  • I have a more balanced approach to eating
  • There is an amazing and extremely supportive Facebook group you get lifetime access to so you always have access to people who are willing to support you and want to see you do well

What were the negatives of doing it?

  • My social life took a hit because I didn’t want to go out and be pressured into drinking wine
  • I worked out I am actually intolerant to wine
  • I also worked out that I loathe dairy and cheese, unfortunately, makes me put on at least 1.5kg in a 24 hour period
  • Initially, it’s hard, but when you see the weight loss on your body and your scales you’ll want to stick to it
  • If you get your period you do need to work the program around that as the drops are hormone based. Though it really isn’t that hard, just start fat loading when you’re almost finished your period as that’s what I did.

Did you stick to it 100%?

Initially yes, then no. I’ve worked out that I don’t react to chocolate or almond croissants – convenient right? I’ve done two rounds of the program. A mini one before I went to Paris (which I’d like to tell you I didn’t put a single kilo back on with that trip) and then a mini round recently.

Although I’m pretty regimented, I did enjoy myself while doing the protocol and I still lost weight. That being said, I avoided every single little piece of food that caused me an inflammatory response!

What do you eat for breakfast?

Every morning I had a peeled, chopped and stewed apple with cinnamon and an extra strong black coffee. And by stewed, I mean I chucked it in the microwave for 2 minutes.

What do you eat for lunch?

100g of protein with a good serve of vegetables. Think white fish with broccolini and tomato, meatballs with a tomato sauce and spinach, an omelet, steak and veg etc. You get guidelines of all the food you can eat when you purchase the protocol.

What do you eat for dinner?

Pretty much the same as what I had for lunch.

Can I have alcohol?

Lol, no.

What can’t I have?

Fats, processed food, dairy, alcohol, juices, fatty cuts of meat, fruits high in sugar, vegetables high in starches & grains.

What can I have?

An abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats, herbs, spices and eggs!

And exercise?

Light exercise is recommended but see this as a time to relax and reboot. Avoid bootcamps and overly strenuous exercise as it can cause an inflammatory response in the body and lead to temporarily weight gain.

Is it for me?

If you want to feel better in yourself and lose weight then yes, do it. Stop procrastinating and know that in one months time you could be down 10kg. I kid you not.

To find out more about the protocol head here. Remember, I’d never recommend anything I wouldn’t recommend to my friends, my family or my mum.

Which pack did you buy?

I was super short on money so for me the cheaper the better, I purchased the starter pack for $129.00 and bought some extra drops for my mum and we did it together. PS. If you reach your goal quickly and only use up one bottle of drops then that is the total amount you’ll pay, you only need to pay extra if you want to do more rounds so you’ll need more drops.

This isn’t one of those lifetime commitment programs either where you need to keep purchasing stuff to stay slim. It’s all about real food!

I have a question?

Sure, just comment me below and I’ll do my best to answer.



Peta Serras

Editor of Professional Babe, Peta has a penchant for pretty things, Tom Hardy and ginger kittens. You can find her sipping a long black, creating killer content or making sure her winged eyeliner is even. Peta is a writer, model & Pilates Instructor based out of the Hunter Valley.

  • Jessica M

    Inspiring post Peta! That eating plan sounds spot on. You look amazing xx

    • professionalbabe

      Thank you so much honey!

  • Suzanne Granshaw

    Hi Peta, sounds very do able, do you know if there are any health concerns with the drops because I am on heart medication?

    • professionalbabe

      Hey lovely. I’d say you’d be fine as it’s more so hormone based. However, give them an email and they should be able to give you a definite answer xo

  • Jade Brückner

    Hi Peta, this sounds too good to be true but I’ve been following your progress and I’m very keen to try it out. You look fantastic. My main concern is what do you do when you eat out while you are on the program? Are you able to still eat out on occasion? I’m quite the foodie and love the occasional night out eating delicious food. Would I have to sit there and not eat anything? I can give up alcohol pretty easily but not sure about the eating out.

    • professionalbabe

      Hey darling! You’re limited, I won’t lie about that. Thinks salads, poached eggs, lean meats etc. that being said, I really limited my social events because losing weight was more important xo

  • professionalbabe

    See how you go. This will always be here. The reason I was drawn to it was the fact I didn’t need to stay committed to constantly purchase shakes, pills etc as I was eating real food X

  • Jbana

    What do you classify as overly strenuous exercise? I heavy weight train 3 days a week (back squats, deadlifts, chin-ups etc.) and do Pilates on the reformer 3 times a week – my exercise is my sanity, not sure I can give that up. I don’t do any crazy high intensity cardio though.

    • professionalbabe

      You might find that you aren’t able to exert yourself as much as you normally can. You don’t do phase 2 for that long and if you can, I’d take it easy. Just see it as a time to relax! Also, strenuous exercise can cause inflammation and weight retention too! But I didn’t modify my exercise or my teaching schedule and I reach 30 classes a week

  • Laura Breed

    What is in the drops? And what do they do?

    • professionalbabe

      It’s a homeopathic blend of HCG so if you have any hormonal issues id check prior to using. Most people are fine though.

  • Lisa Pennisi

    Hi Peta, how did your Mum go on the program?

    • professionalbabe

      Hi Lisa! Mum did seriously well. She lost 17kg with 10kg of that being in the first month. She said she still wants to lose 5kg though I think she’s looking fantastic! She had given up on losing weight and put it down to her age (she’s 63), yet she found it just fell off doing the protocol! X

  • Sharna

    So I tried this. And it noticably worked at first. After two weeks I had insomnia and couldn’t sleep. I didn’t sleep for almost a week straight. I stopped the drops during that time but still couldn’t sleep. I was exhausted. Barely able to function and felt like I was on the verge of insanity. I than started to be able to sleep again however I would always wake up feeling just as bad as when I went to sleep. About another week later and I have finally started to feel better but only for a couple of hours after I get up than the overwhelming exhaustion hits and I am a walking zombie again. I just want to feel normal. I don’t know what it did to my metabolism or whatever you want to call it but I definetly can’t do this diet.

    • professionalbabe

      Hey honey. I’m so sorry it affected your sleep like this. Are you in the Facebook group? This is definitely a question to ask Mel about. They’re really helpful in the group about stuff like this.I know what it’s like to struggle with sleeping. I can recommend a valerian tea, a good sleep time meditating, minimising screens before bed and getting into a good routine. My first round was really hard but since then it’s become a lot easier xo

  • Spencer

    Please let all your followers know the qualifications and education you possess in order to give advice on nutrition and dietetics!
    You have absolutely no right to be pushing your un-educated “opinions” on the general public. Back up your posts with peer reviewed research and evidence based science. If you are unable then please stay in your own lane. Whatever that actually is?

    • professionalbabe

      Spencer, why so salty babe?
      This isn’t my program. It’s just a review that I did after my readers asked how I lost weight. Which is what I provided. You can find more about the program via the link I’ve provided. I assume you’ll be commenting on every bloggers post who has talked about the HCG diet?

      Ps. This isn’t a science blog so potentially you should get back to reading blogs in your own “lane”.

      Kisses x

      • Spencer

        No salt here. Just asking the question, again, what qualifications and/or education do you possess to provide advice on Nutrition and Dietetics? Obviously this is not even close to a science blog but the information you are attempting to provide in this post is from a Science angle, think Food Science, Human Physiology, Exercise and Human Movement Science. If you take offence then it is rather simple, just provide a footnote of the academic research, literature and evidence based references that validates your post and it will become credible.

        • tina

          You are trolling. This clearly isn’t the kind of blog that requires the kind of referencing you request. Go find one that does.

          • Spencer

            Very happy to be referred to as a troll if it means maybe saving at least one individual from the possibility of harm from this dangerous practice. Also please inform me what “kind of blog” requires evidence to back up any claims regarding miracle health fads? Common sense would entail that if you want to advise people on miracle weight loss then at least have the deceny to either be qualified in the area or show credible evidence that it is safe and effective.

          • Intolerant

            Far out dude! I’ll tell you what, how about you let it go Mr Salty Troll…?

            I’m not 100% sure you can even read… But I’ll help you out.

            ITS A REVIEW OF A PROGRAMME, not a science blog on why this works! As it says verrry clearly, Peta does not know why it works, it just does. The article is simply about her personal experience following the protocol. She isn’t providing any sort of food science, human physiology/human movement or exercise advice.
            If you do want the science stuff, then the nutritionist behind this is Dr Cyndi O’Meara. Also stated in the blog/review. She is the one that has done all the science based research into the protocol and other evidence based studies…

            I mean really, did you even bother to follow the link? Did you do your OWN research into this? I spent a total of 1-2 minutes to find this stuff out…
            Given you seem to be a bit challenged in this area yourself, here’s her contact details:
            Phone: +61 (7) 5493 7135

            Office Address
            Unit 2/29 Premier Circuit
            Warana Qld 4575
            Office Hours – Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4pm (Qld Time)

            Postal Address
            PO Box 104
            Mooloolaba Qld 4557

            I encourage you to contact them yourself. Or is that too hard Spencer? Easier to troll perhaps?

            The funny thing is, this is not even a miracle health fad as you describe in your troll post. Its a well thought out, well researched protocol, that uses whole foods, combined with a HGC diet that helps the body reach ketosis and leptin sensitivity.
            Then it slowly introduces whole foods back into the diet to assist the person to LEARN what foods their body can or can’t tolerate.

            So before you troll another post, spend a little tie reflecting whether you’ll come off looking like a douche as you have here.

            Have a nice day.

  • Too much of time is required to reduce fat. However if we go through all the procedures and follow process in a systematic way then fat can be reduced. I am impressed with this informative post of yours. Thanks.

  • Cherie

    Hi Peta, you look great btw, I don’t know how old this post is but good on you, I am desperate to lose weight like you were! I had a baby 10 months ago and have a bit (actually a lot) of belly/butt/thigh fat to lose but it’s the body aches and pains that are also demotivating as well to get me started. A girl I work with who also had a baby has done this and lost 13kg in 6 weeks – it honestly just sounds too good to be true…Out of intereste when you finished your round, did you go back to eating normally obviously eliminating foods that didn’t agree with you and did you start to do exercise? Have you found you kept it off now? With so many different things out there to do it’s so confusing and expensive! Appreciate your feedback! Cheers

  • Ajc

    Hi peta – when you did a short round how many days in p2?
    Congrats on your success

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