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Case Study: A year’s revenue made in two weeks

I feel I’m in recovery mode for my latest launch. It was a big boi of a launch bringing in my entire 2020 revenue in a two-week period.

I’ll repeat that — every dollar made in 2020 I smashed out in two weeks.

Am I surprised? Nope. Is this what I teach in action? Absolutely. Am I going to unpack for you because you’re a subscriber? Abbbbsolllluteeeellly.

The stats and data

There’s a bit to unpack here, so I posted it all including screenshots to Instagram on this post. You’ll find out my conversion rates (ummm… 19% of the waitlist converted!) as well as other important stats like page views etc.

I think it’s important to share EVERYTHING, which is why I include the web stats. Is a launch a good launch if you have 10,000 page views and 1 sale? The sale could be $20,000, but if we look at the web stats it tells me the landing page need tweaking,

Having access — and knowing how to assess — the data can dramatically improve your launch. I know the copy and layout is converting, so I’ll easily replicate this for the March launch knowing it’s all converted. If it didn’t this is where I may invest in a copywriter or someone to help me with the layout to optimise conversions.

Conversion rates and content marketing

If there’s a theme I see in Give Good Email with my clients, it’s that there’s a desire to convert at 100%, 100% of the time. Friend, no one does this. No one! The average sales conversion sits at 1-2%. It also depends on a variety of factors.

I think one of the reasons GGE converted so well was the dedicated focus I have had on email for the last 12 months. Have a look at my content and notice it’s my favourite topic to talk about.

If you’re keen on our content, you’ll be keen on the course. Coincidence? Nope! This is content marketing. The same with all my funnels and automations — so so heavy on how email is going to change your business.

The reason the conversions were high is because the start for the subscriber will naturally lead them to the finish. That content piece they’re reading will spark curiosity and plan a seed for GGE. Doing that = better conversions in the long run.

Big list = big launch

Fam, pre-launch I had less than 500 people in my list. Big lists are the big dicks of the world — what truly matters is your skill in using it.

If I hear of someone having a big list but not making any money, straight away my brain goes to better subscriber experience, possibly segmentation, and a super tight strategy is needed.

Even a list of 100 people can yield a successful launch. Caveat = it needs to be built correctly from the start. See above with the content marketing stuff.

Segments and 40 launch emails.

Yup, I sent 40 emails. And it didn’t take as long as you think it would.

Some of the emails were almost duplicates, what changed is the language in them as they were sent to completely different segments.

Think of segmentation as a way of organising your database. It adds a post-it note of information to give that subscriber a better experience. Think about when you go to the hair salon, they don’t ask you every time what you did last time and how you like your hair coloured, they write that shit down.

The emails were a mix of things sent to the waitlist, the challenge (more below), my general list, and then sales emails for GGE cart closing.

Each email had a particular purpose, also with the consideration that I knew not every person would see every email given my email benchmarks for open rates and clicks.

The challenge

Consider the pain points for your customer. Also consider the objections as to why they don’t purchase your offer. For a program, it’s usually the commitment and how fire the content is. No one wants to waste $2000 on a limp cucumber.

I played into my strength of being an engaging presenter and ran a five-day event. My goal was to get people to realise they can commit to things they enjoy, and see how email can change their business. So many people on day four and five said they purchased because the training showed them they could commit to something.

I also solved a problem on day one (I basically gave them the whole content piece inside of GGE) of choosing their software. No more getting halfway through and still having that problem. It was solved on day one.

The challenge was a success and I’ll be duplicating that for March. Yep, I’ll run the same event.

Cart open

If you’re new to launching, the cart open period is… interesting. It brings up a lot. You’ll probably snap and cry. It’s like having the worst PMS of your life teamed with your best moods. What will you feel from 2-3pm on day three of your launch? Who knows! It’a a surprise.

We had the public cart open for just over a week with the challenge goers getting early access.

It’s normal for all training to have a slump. With the challenge being so successful, my slump was actually the start of public cart open.

We had three days with no sales (again, normal) and then most sales for the ENTIRE launch came in the last two days. Never give up on your launch, and just like a race, when you see the finish line is when you need to run HARD.

Next time

We’ve got so much validated content from this round that March will be a lot smoother. I’ll rinse and repeat stuff (my fun Christmas holiday task!) and create new content to meet objections/questions I saw in the Challenge.

The focus now needs to dramatically be on lead gen. A big mistake I see people make in business is constantly using their audience to sell to without getting in front of more people. With 15% of my list now owning GGE, my brain goes straight to ‘we need more peeps’. As I know 100% of people on this list will never convert, and I also know some people might in two years time.

After an expansive launch with a high intake, you need to pump your list/audience full of new people. I plan to double down on my strategy and also invest in paid ads to help with audience growth.

Woo. That was long, but you got through it! Good to know that GGE is now evergreen which means you can purchase RIGHT NOW!!! So make sure you check it out below as I’d love to have you in the GGE community.

Peta Xx

Give me deets on this course, lady!!!


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