The Best French Girl Beauty Products

Peta Serras

by Peta Serras

My top 10 French Pharmacy products you can find in Australia. Also my current skincare regime too! Oh la la!

french girl beauty | Professional Babe french girl beauty | Professional Babe

I have a few obsessions in life – food, men and great skincare.

I learned from a young age that if you look after your skin you’ll age gracefully – And that’s exactly what I plan on doing. I also believe the better your skin, the less time you need to spend on your makeup, so being lazy AF, this definitely appeals to me.

So what are my favourite skincare products? French ones of course! You better believe every time I do my skincare regime I feel like a French girl. It also helps that I eat croissants on a regular basis and walk around the house practicing my French to my little cat Audrey.

I’ve been obsessed with everything from France from a young age, especially the women, as they’re all so effortless and beautiful. Jump onto Google and it seems a lot of people agree with me. So what is so appealing about French girl chic? I believe it’s their effortless beauty and the fact they all look after their skin.

After heading to France last year with one of my favourite skincare companies, they whisked me to many French pharmacies and I witnessed one thing – the French girl beauty game is definitely strong.

The beauty products are stocked in pharmacies, so whilst the women have ducked out to get their prescription, you better believe they’re stocking up on a prescription for their pristine complexion.

“The upside of French beauty products is the price point is a lot better than you’d anticipate. It’s normal to stock up on a whole skincare regime for the same price as a super premium moisturiser”

The downside? Nothing! So grab your wallets because here are my top French pharmacy products – and it’s all available in Australia:

Bioderma sensibio micellar water | professional babe


My favourite all round skin cleanser and makeup remover for super sensitive skin. It also acts as a skin refresher and is made with pure ingredients to ensure it doesn’t aggravate the most sensitive of skin.

Investment: $31.99



I’ve switched from foundation to this bad boy and my skin is ridiculously happy. It comes in an untinted formula and one with a slight tint – that’s my fav and I use the middle shade. It has high coverage for a BB cream, covers blemishes and redness in one swipe. The best thing? It contains an SPF of 50 which is perfect for the Australian climate.

Investment: $30.99



Sometimes I feel serums are a waste of money until I start using them again and strangers on the street stop and ask what the hell I’m using on my skin. Either it’s horrifying small children or it’s so amazing they need to get on that straight away – I like to believe it’s door number two. I use this before bed every night and whenever I add it back into my routine I noticed a marked improvement in my skin.

Investment: $65.00



This light as light day cream soaks into your skin perfectly without making it feel itchy or irritated. It’s perfect if you plan on layering product such as serum, moisturiser and foundation, as it doesn’t make you feel like you’ve slapped too much product on that’s just sitting there.

Investment: $34.99 



This is my go-to body cream when it’s feeling dry. After application, my skin feels silky and smooth for days after, which is perfect as I’m often too lazy to apply it every night post shower. The ingredients include shea butter and Niacinamide which help to break the cycle of incredibly itchy skin – it works!

Investment: $32.95-39.95

56decd01934dfceb33907d4cb1fde0a9_best 6. NUXE REVE DE MIEL

If you want lips that are so kissable you have strangers coming up to you on the street planting their pout on yours, this is the product for you. Even if you aren’t a fan of unsolicited kisses, this lip balm is thick and nourishing and won’t leave your lips after five minutes. I apply it every night before bed, just in case Tom Hardy comes to visit whilst I’m sleeping.

Investment: $19.99



I feel like thermal water is a step below a wet t-shirt contest for your face. You’d think the only difference was the fact you’re spraying water on your face instead of splashing it on your chest, however you’re wrong! This thermal water contains rich minerals and trace elements to moisturise the skin for up to three hours. It soothes the skin making it perfect for a sun-filled summers day – your beach bags new BFF.

Investment: $18.99



I’m unsure if this list is turning into the lazy girls guide to looking good or if French girls are lazy at heart and totally my spirit animals?! Every girl needs dry shampoo in their beauty bag for those mornings where your hair is oilier than McDonald’s fries but your motivation to actually wash and do your hair isn’t quite there. This product feels light, smells fresh and amazing and actually does the job!

Investment: $14.99 



This multi-use product makes for the perfect gift for the girl that has everything! This product is a hair, body and face oil with ingredients of a natural origin. It’s fragranced and smells luxurious and expensive and soaks straight in on application without leaving an oily slick. It’s also Instagram-worthy and pretty – in case you need another reason to buy.

Investment: $42.99



For days when your skin is feeling less than nourished, this is my favourite serum. I use it a couple times through the week, yet as the weather turns colder I make sure to add it into my routine daily. The serum boasts that it’s intensely moisturising (and it is!) and as all Bioderma products, they’re perfect for the most sensitive and reactive of skin.

Investment: $47.99

Add these products to your skincare regime and you’ll be mistaken for a French girl in no time. So Francy.


Peta Serras

Editor of Professional Babe, Peta has a penchant for pretty things, Tom Hardy and ginger kittens. You can find her sipping a long black, creating killer content or making sure her winged eyeliner is even. Peta is a writer, model & Pilates Instructor based out of the Hunter Valley.

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