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Peta Serras

by Peta Serras

Around 2 and a half years ago I made a decision that changed my life – I had a breast augmentation. Not a decision that I made spontaneously either. I researched for about 6 years prior and knew every possible risk that could happen from surgery including death – yes, you can die from plastic surgery. Among infections, your implants being rejected and scar tissue forming requiring further surgery.

Any surgery is risky. So I urge people to think about that when they make a choice that is life altering. Although surgery has come so far in the last few years I still think people should do their research and know the ins and outs of any procedure.

When I had my surgery I made sure I blogged regularly and shared how I was feeling throughout and shared pictures too. Disclaimer – I was so fucking off my face when writing that I probably don’t make sense.

For an in depth read of every stage at the bottom of this post I will list by day’s the post so you can refer back to this blog post and then read up on whatever ones you like!

I’d also like to say that I ended up with post operative depression. I still don’t know why. I didn’t actually think that could happen.

I think it’s because it was such a dramatic physical change and I had trouble adjusting. Oh and shit with a boy happened which also escalated the sadness. I lost a few friends too. But were they really friends? People were so nasty to me about them as well and did end up in tears several times from nasty comments.

However I remember the first time of getting with a guy and flinging a bra off was fabulous. As was shopping and buying an amazing dress and feeling like a Supermodel because it fit like a glove. OH! And if I see girls out eyeing my cleavage I will tell them they’re fake. No point having boob envy when you could easily have your own pair. You’d be surprised the amount of girls who have implants. Just come up with a number in your head and then triple that figure.

boob job blog | petaserras.com

boob job blog | petaserras.com

My details relating to surgery

My surgeon: Anoop Rastogi (he’s AMAZING. If you are Sydney based or near Sydney I can definitely recommend)
My implant size: 335CC
Implant type: Furry brazilians
Implant shape: Anatomical
Placement: Half under muscle
Scars: Breast line, so where your underwire sits, about 5cm long and 2mm thick
Size before surgery: 8C but needed padding. If I didn’t bra’s would gape. If I went to a B cup it would cut into the sides of my natural breast
Size after surgery: 10E-F
Surgery date: December 16th, 2011
Weeks off work: 3.5
Cost: $13,500 from memory. I think $150 for consult, $350 booking fee and then remainder 2 weeks before surgery

Why I decided to have breast augmentation

I had no confidence. I had gone from a 10DD to having absolutely nothing. Dr Rastogi said my breast tissue has atrophied from all my intense dieting and exercise. My right breast was slightly larger and my nipple sat about 2cm lower. I was so unsymmetrical and I hated being topless with a guy. Shopping trips were traumatic. Swimwear and underwear shopping was worse and I would always end up in tears.

The great things about having fake boobs

1. I can now call out fake people by stating they are faker than my tits
2. If you are naturally hippy, they will make you look more in proportion and smaller!
3. Confidence will go through the roof, especially in intimate fun times with a man (or lady… or both if you’re into that)
4. Most things look amazing on. Skimpy triangle bikinis sit perfectly
5. Stuff wearing necklaces when your boobs are the only amazing accessory you need
6. Constantly perky boobs
7. Even if you are having a fat day your boobs still look amazing
8. If I ever have children they are placed so I can still breast feed. AND if I want to get a lift after they can do it around the existing implant

The not so great things about having fake boobs

1. I can’t feel my nipples. Sensation is slooooowwly coming back but it doesn’t bother me all that much
2. I can’t stand people touching my boobs… at all. Sorry guys, please don’t suck or fondle, treat them as expensive ornaments
3. Implants are still pretty rigid so bras have to fit PERFECTLY otherwise you’ll be uncomfortable all day
4. I hate sleeping without a bra. I have ‘my boobs are going to sag’ paranoia
5. Most people will want to touch them and won’t ask prior. So expect a number of people to just randomly cop a feel without your permission
7. The fact my sensation is only about 70% there, I have often been out and had a full on boob slip without realising. Whoops!
8. Say goodbye to all your old tight fitting clothes and sexy bras. I literally gave away $4000 worth of designer bras I can never wear again

boob job blog | petaserras.com

Points to consider and advice I would give for anyone wanting to go under the knife

1. Really get clear on WHY you want it. If you current guy suggests, he’s a douche and please kick him to the curb. If it’s it for confidence make sure that you won’t just want something else done to feel confident straight after. Remember if a guy is just attracted to your big fake boobies then he’s a douche. Get the surgery for YOU.

2. Understand complications can happen. Research research research. You’re surgeon should go over all of this in your consult and if he doesn’t go see someone else.

3. See at least 2 surgeons and get an idea of the look you are going for. I took pictures in of Bianca Balti in French Playboy. I saw 2 different surgeons from recommendations from different people and I thought they did a really great job. Also keep in mind my size might look terrible on me. So go to someone great and trust their opinion.

4. You won’t be perfect after surgery. Nup you won’t but you will be really close. If you are so dreadfully unhappy with your appearance with it affecting you on a daily basis, then you should be over the moon and absolutely stoked with your awesome result.

5. If you are quibbling about money – wait and save. I worked my ass off to afford these babies. I started waitressing. Doing terrible promo modelling work and basically sold so much shit I owned to save up $13,000. DON’T GO TO SOMEONE CHEAPER! Remember it’s your body, it’s not a fucking handbag you can replace.

6. Make sure you can schedule surgery and recovery time into your current life and work schedule. Are you able to have surgery with your current lifestyle? Can you take time off work? Will someone be able to look after the kids – keep in mind no heavy lifting for 6 weeks.

7. Have a support person. Do you have someone like a mum, a BFF or partner who can look after you the first few days or weeks while you are in recovery.

boob job blog | petaserras.com


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