Breast Augmentation – 4 days post op

Peta Serras

by Peta Serras

Daily and weekly updates about my experience having a breast augmentation.

I’m not in the best state today. I feel so drugged up I keep falling asleep at random places and random times, I don’t know what day it is and forget things mid-sentence. The whole situation has reminded me why I don’t drink or do drugs as I hate feeling out of control. I don’t know why, but I am just really upset.

I go through stages where I am so excited but I really don’t think I am dealing with the whole putting on weight because of surgery thing so I can’t look in the mirror. I KNOW its normal but to get my head around that is an entirely different story.

Days post op: 4 days

Weight put on: I have put on about 2.5-3kg since surgery from fluid retention.

Bust measurement: Today I am measuring 93cm. About my hip measurement. My bust ranged from 79cm to about 85cm.

Waist: 75cm. I usually measure in about 62-65cm. I am SO swollen in my stomach though which is completely normal with surgery.

How they look: Big, swollen, big. Lol. They will come still about an 1-2cm closer together when the swelling goes down with my nipples lifting up a little higher.

CRAZY. So yeah, all fluid but to get my head around it is just hard. It’s also harder that I told my father last night who wasn’t impressed and told me he would just see me after Christmas. I guess it all comes back to what I said a while ago that the only person you have is yourself and why I always have done so much, as I can only rely on me. The meds aren’t helping but I guess everyday I am getting better. Dad just really upset me which isn’t helping my mental state right now.

Anyway some pics to follow… Excuse the fact I look majorly drugged up.

Day 4 – WARNING SURGICAL PICTUREPhoto on 2011-12-20 at 21.30 Photo on 2011-12-20 at 21.30 #2


Peta Serras

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