How I’m choosing out of my situation with doTERRA

Peta Serras

by Peta Serras

“I’m choosing out of my current situation with the tools that are in front of me.”

– Tara Bliss

I heard those words as I was walking to work. It was cold and it was raining and I was walking to teach some Pilates classes. And those words came in loud and clear through the All Rise Up podcast by my mate Alice Nicholls. She was interviewing Tara Bliss, another friend of mine, about conscious independence and the doTERRA business opportunity.

Whenever these two women speak, I listen. Always. As they’ve achieved my goal of starting a doTERRA business – Presidential Diamond.

Yep, I am so loudly, proudly and boldly declaring that although I am an avid lover of the doTERRA products, that I completely see the value in the business opportunity it brings.

My story is a little different to a lot of people who get started with the business. I said yes to doTERRA FOR the business. Hear that again, I got a doTERRA account to do the business.

I already knew the products were good. I was a customer a few years prior and had a nice little collection of the oils. I already had a couple of good experiences with them, but as I saw people who were achieving incredible things. People who I looked up to and trusted what they had to say. I knew I needed in on that.

The business and the products kept tapping me on the shoulder.


I saw all that the business opportunity had to offer and I knew in my bones this was for me. But I wasn’t so confident in diving in. I had so many limiting beliefs and shit stories that came up that tell me why I couldn’t do this. Shall I entertain you with a few?

“I’m not good enough”

“I’ve missed the boat. The market is saturated”

“I’m a bloody sex and dating writer. How can I go from anal beads to Frankincense?”

“Isn’t this model suited to people with families? How can I talk about oils for kids? Do I even want to talk about oils for kids? Wait. Am I going to have to become crunchy granola to do this as a business?”

So I did nothing.

For months.

And it wasn’t until I was financially ‘in the shit’ and I was plagued with no sleep, low moods and terrible anxiety that I knew I had to seek the solution.

That solution was doTERRA. I was choosing out of my current situation with the tools that just kept finding me. And finally, I started to listen.

In my first 30 days I achieved Premier — a business achievement that takes 6 months. My belief in the business grew. I paid off a huge chunk of credit card debt.

In my first 60 days we sailed through Silver — and shaving 16 months off the average time to get there. The financial stress lessened. I was finally earning money that could cover a large portion of my living expenses.

And in my first five months, my team and I achieved Gold — 22 months sooner than the average Wellness Advocate. I quit my part-time job and knew I was in this business for life.


Image from my beautiful friend Tara Bliss.

When I said yes to doTERRA I gave myself full permission to live a life I could only dream of.

And now I get to help other women do the same. DoTERRA has not only helped my mental health, my physical health and my wallet, it’s also bought in connection, community, abundance and purpose.

It’s a business where I can truly put my own flavour on how I run it, whilst still working as a team with Alice, Tara and my beautiful business leaders. Each day I am lucky to partner with people who see the value in creating an abundant life by selling products that really create a difference in the world.

Wonder if you’re my perfect business partner? I’m pretty sure if you are you know you’ll be:

+ able to work autonomously because you have a vision and worth ethic that drives you

+ an action taker

+ able to celebrate people

+ confident in knowing their is an epic leader inside of you

+ committed to self-development and personal development work

+ and finally, know that you’re worthy of creating a business that has the ability to bring in six and seven figures a year.

My superhero power is seeing a business in everyone.

I love to identify peoples strengths and empowering them to use them as their point of difference. I’ll let you in on a little secret — all the reasons we think that work against us in this business are the reasons we should SHARE. This will be how you will be successful in the business.

Having kids will help you relate to people who have children.

Being a single babe who is completely responsible for all her living expenses means you can up and leave and teach a class whenever you please.

Health issues? Yep, people can relate.

What we think is our greatest downfall is our greatest gift. I will help you see this.

And I get the biggest business boner when I see babes say yes to this business and create something awesome.

If there is one thing I know for certain is that we will rise to Presidential Diamond. And it will be a hell of journey that we’d love to have you with us for. If you’re keen to get started, contact me, we’ll organise a time for a phone (or email chat!) and let’s get you started.

Peta  x

Peta Serras

Editor of Professional Babe, Peta has a penchant for pretty things, Tom Hardy and ginger kittens. You can find her sipping a long black, creating killer content or making sure her winged eyeliner is even. Peta is a writer, model & Pilates Instructor based out of the Hunter Valley.

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