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Peta Serras

by Peta Serras

I shared this post in my doTERRA Professional Babes group — a place where babes on my doTERRA team come together as they see the value in sharing their love of oils and creating some cash monies for themselves with the doTERRA business opportunity.

I hope this benefits some of you with how to plan for a rank. Here is exactly what I do each and every month and exactly what I did in my first 30 days in my doTERRA Business.

P Xx



When we make our goals, do you think we should be making our goals that allow us to feel ‘comfortable’ or ‘wet pants scary’.

It’s definitely option B.

Couple of reasons:
– growth happens outside our comfort zones
– we grow and learn by failing. we do not grow and learn from doing everything we know
– magic happens when we stretch
– If we do not have belief in ourselves, who will?

And finally, who ever regrets going for a rank and not getting there? Certainly not me. Did I regret announcing platinum and not getting there? Nope!

It’s like regretting all your workouts because your goal is to fit into a pair of pants and having a certain PB. You don’t look back and curse every run, every workout and every morning start.

You don’t get to your goal? Good. You work harder. You pivot. You change your workouts. You adapt. But you keep going because you know energy out = results achieved.

Let’s talk in my favourite doTERRA ‘starter’ rank — Premier.

Why do I like Premier as your first 30 day rank?

On top of ALL your commission, you receive a $280 bonus. It also is the first rank with structure and is a good foundation for Silver. Ace Premier and continue to enrol and you will bring in the commission equivalent to 1-2 mortgage repayments per month — and this is just maintaining Premier!

Firstly, you need to identify exactly what your goal is.
Do you know EXACTLY what your goal is? What are the intricacies of it?

Eg. Premier is an OV of 5000. It is made up of two executive legs (2000OV) of people whom you have personally enrolled. This means the extra volume can be comprised of your own order, extra volume in another leg and the start of your silver leg.

Break that down further? What does that look like in sales? What do you usually sell? If you are new, how did you start, did you buy the Home Essentials Kit?

If we were to look at that in Home Essentials Kits equivalent, it is 20.

It’s just over 12 Natures Solutions kits.

What thoughts are coming up right now?

“I can’t do this”
“That’s a lot of money for someone”
“There’s no way I can achieve this in a month”
“It’s already the start of the month. I’ll wait til next.”


Recognising these, reframing these beliefs and anchoring your belief into the product is something you can work on in your personal development time.

I recommend Brooke Castillo podcast and if you’re into tapping, Brad Yates EFT videos on YouTube.

Personal development time is ADDITIONAL to the PIPES activity for your business. I like to listen whilst I’m inviting, walking, cooking etc.

So what’s the very first step?

If you’ve been doing this for a while click your dashboard and see your average OV for each month. What is the deficit? If you’re new, minus your LRP order, now what is the deficit?

Once you’ve got that, pick some funky tunes, set a timer for 30-60 minutes at least and start your names list. Write every single person you know down. If you have 737 friends on Facebook, you’ve already got 737 friends on your names list. Keep going. Add to it regularly. In our sister group Team Aroma Nova, Cherie has generously created Freedom list training.

Everyone on this list can help you in your business. Everyone. They will either:
– Become a customer
– Host a class
– Share the event on their Facebook
– Tell a friend
– Buy oils for their work
– Or potentially be a valuable personal development lesson. Trust me, I’ve had a couple lol.

Next. Look at your calendar. Schedule life first. What NEEDS to go in. Can I make a suggestion? Schedule your exercise and self care.

Where is white space that you can host a class? Do a one on one? Have skype consults? Create social media content?

For bonus points, work 60 days ahead.

Now you get inviting.

Remember hosted classes are like weddings. You schedule the date and then you invite the people. You don’t ask everyone if they’re available for your wedding. If this was the case you would never get married lol.

If they want to come or if they’re interested they’ll make it known. Some people suddenly aren’t available when you have a class as they’re too nice to say they’re not interested YET.

Empowered success guides linked in the announcement post in my group (read all of them) OR on the doTERRA website have ideas on inviting and scripts if you are stuck. Posture strong in your inviting. This isn’t a ‘little thing’ you’re doing and you don’t want people to ‘just come and sniff and no obligation to buy’

Remember WHY you’re doing your classes. Why you made this goal.

I have clear and strict boundaries when I invite and have hosted classes. I have a PDF script you can copy, change, do whatever with.

The average class for me can range from 400-1800OV in sales. You will quickly work out your average conversion rates.

Ask those close to you to host a class or if they can share an event for you.

Also, create a ‘coming out’ post. There are people in your life in this very second who are contemplating buying dōTERRA. Come out with your why, why you love the business and your goals for it. Create a class. Invite them along.

No mass dump invites on Facebook. Always ask yourself ‘is this how I would want to be approached about these oils’

Check in on your goal every day and when you feel like you are getting further away or have stalled, this is where you want to invite more, share more, use the oils more.

How can you start TONIGHT. How can you set aside time this weekend to book 5 classes this month feel comfortable with enrolling people who have NEVER smelt, touched or experienced the oils, they buy them because you posture SO strong in KNOWING our oils are the best.

Don’t see the goal as one scary thing you must do in a day! A goal is made of customers and we get customers by serving. How can you serve your customers and your audience daily? Multiple times a day? It’s no surprise if I see people ‘serve’ a couple of times a month for them to get crickets with enrolments.

Those who serve are those who do well in this business.

The effort I bought into my business in the first 30 days has carried month to month — even when we have low months and it seems impossible. Every business has times like that!

I smashed Silver in the next 30 days and gold three months later.

Right now? We’re building a Diamond team and will be hitting is 20 months earlier than the average time it takes to get there.

Start how you want to finish, babes.

P Xx

PS. Interested in creating a side hustle, want to be surrounded by like minded business women or love the idea of a multiple six-figure income? We are always looking for people who see the value in changing theirs and their friends health and happiness.

Peta Serras

Editor of Professional Babe, Peta has a penchant for pretty things, Tom Hardy and ginger kittens. You can find her sipping a long black, creating killer content or making sure her winged eyeliner is even. Peta is a writer, model & Pilates Instructor based out of the Hunter Valley.

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