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Peta Serras

by Peta Serras

When embarking on a new project like I did when releasing my popular ebook, what excites me the most is when I get to do a photoshoot for it. I’m thankful for my modelling experience to fall back on so I know exactly how to prepare. It’s also one of the questions that I get asked about all the time so I thought I would do a post up today about it.

In today’s blog post I’m going to share a behind the scenes in how I prepared for the shots taken with Renee Bell in the ebook. Funny enough it rained the day we were meant to shoot so we had actually cancelled it in the morning and only decided last minute to go ahead with it. I was lucky that I have everything planned so all I had to do was apply my makeup, put some clothes on when we decided to shoot last minute.

Keep in mind if I am shooting lingerie or swim the prep will differ completely so I will do a post on that when I have my next shoot!

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In Advance 

1. Organise the date 

Self explanatory but it’s good to get a firm date in rather than ‘how about sometime this weekend’.

2. Schedule in hair/makeup artist if applicable 

I will always book a blow dry in and I will do this as soon as the date is confirmed. I feel comfortable doing my own makeup but if I need to book a makeup artist I will do this then also. I sometimes get the shits doing my hair. So it’s easier to pay someone else to do it and I can browse Pinterest and Instagram while I’m relaxing in the salon.

3. Decide on location

Deciding on location will help you to formulate wardrobe choices. Boho fairy clothing doesn’t exactly go well with an industrial area, so it’s good to decide on the location sooner than later.

4. Decide how you want the images to appear 

Just as important as the location, you want to think about the theme of the shoot prior as this will affect clothing choices. Sometimes I will open Pinterest and will start a mood board of possible locations and outfits that I want to draw inspiration from.

A week before

1. Confirm

Maybe it’s because I’m an anal retentive control freak, but I like confirming the photographer, date and any appointments such as my blow-dry.

2. Pick suitable clothes

I will pick out key pieces that get across the feel I want from the shoot. I won’t go too overboard with clothes ever, as I don’t want the wardrobe to detract from me, the star of the shoot! Pick timeless pieces that won’t date and stuff you feel amazing in.

The day before

1. Skin prep

I don’t wax but if I did I would make sure to book this in a week prior. I will pluck my brows and make sure my legs are shaven. A full body exfoliation followed by moisturising ensures a glowing smooth complexion.

2. Nails

If you will have your hands in any of the shots it’s a good idea to make sure your nails and hands have been looked after with a nude polish. My favourite is Tickle my Francy by OPI which is a lovely mushroom nude colour. The darker the colour of the nail the more attention you draw to that area so be mindful of this if your hands aren’t your favourite feature.

3. Blow-dry 

I hate super clean hair! If it’s slightly dirty I feel it has better texture. I will book my blow-dry in the day before. Always asking for extra bouncy with the ends curled so when it drops it still looks fabulous and not too flat.

4. Bundle clothes

I will have everything laid out the night before with a few extra options. Clothes will remain on the hanger to avoid creases and will be put in a garment bag. If you have pets and plan on wearing black made sure to have a lint roller hander to remove any hair stuck to clothing. Shoes and accessories will be packed away to ensure I don’t miss taking anything for the shoot.

The day of

1. Pack car

As soon as I wake up I will put the outfits needed for the shoot in the car. That way I do a quick check for anything to ensure I have everything needed.

2. Do makeup

I will always leave a little bit of extra time doing my makeup. With a shoot ensure to do your makeup slightly darker than you usually would as it won’t show up as dark on camera.

3. Organise kit

I will take a hair brush, hair spray and any extra makeup that could be needed on the shoot. Like an eyebrow pencil, lip gloss and lipstick to reapply throughout the day.

4. Be a babe

It’s the day of the shoot so make sure you ENJOY IT! Photos not only capture your soul, but the thoughts going through your head so make sure you are in a positive and happy mood and remember it’s the photographers job to make you look as beautiful as possible, never the opposite!

Peta Serras

Editor of Professional Babe, Peta has a penchant for pretty things, Tom Hardy and ginger kittens. You can find her sipping a long black, creating killer content or making sure her winged eyeliner is even. Peta is a writer, model & Pilates Instructor based out of the Hunter Valley.

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