Letter from the editor – September

Peta Serras

by Peta Serras

My goals, lessons and achievements for September in my monthly letter from the editor, aka me! 

I started writing this post over coffee the other day and I’m finishing it flying high from a holiday from Melbourne. I’m debt-free and with a new Gucci handbag sitting in the overhead compartment. How couldn’t I be happier with life?

If I was to rewind 365 days I never thought I’d be sitting here, out of debt, 12kg lighter and in a better headspace to where I was before. I guess this letter this month is kind of a big deal as it marks exactly a year since I made my original goals.

I felt my life sucked and I was completely unhappy with it all. Not one to sit down and listen to Lana Del Rey sobbing into a container of ice-cream and pining how my life sucked, I know I needed to change. (Note, there was still a lot of crying and a lot of pining over the suckiness of life over the last 12 months).

I gave myself a year which felt like such a long time to do it. I wanted everything instantaneously, but I’m pleased it took a while as it did take my brain a bit to process it all so I made lasting changes.

September was an intense month for me work wise. But I also had a lot of emotional BS to deal with as well. I totally wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m quite sensitive in some situations and I just wish that I could switch my heart and brain off and be a little more carefree.

I still, very stupidly, see the fact I’m single as a reflection on me as a person. I’m very much into all things astro, so I sometimes wonder if I’m actually manifesting the crap? The upside is tragic dates make for very good material to pitch to my editor, but the downside is dating lows really affect my work productivity and my mood and it tends to overshadow all the good that happens in my life, like getting out of debt and buying a beautiful handbag.

I know this is something I have to work on and just accept that potentially this isn’t the time right now in my life to actually meet someone. Although I miss adult sleepovers and male company, chocolate and cuddles from my cat is an okay band-aid for the love and affection of someone.

Where it all started:

In September 2015 I sat down and made three goals. I didn’t like where I was at and I didn’t like where I was heading, so I took my notebook out and made a decision to change. I keep you updated every month with my letter from the editor posts.

The goals:

1. Get my biz debt down to $10,000.00 by April 2016 (At this stage it was down to $22,139.00)
2. Be 70kg by April 2016 (I was weighing in at 83.6kg the day I made these goals but I know I was sitting heavier than that)
3. Have savings (At this stage I had nothing)

Where I’m at 12 months in:

1. My debt – IT’S FUCKING NOTHING! I’m sorry, but I’m so excited it’s impossible for me to articulate that in a classier way that doesn’t involve swearing or caps. Just imagine me high-kicking like a Texas cheerleader with a wine in my hand whilst I say it too! I’m THAT excited.

2. My weight – I’m 71kg. I’ve evaluated where I am and I think I can get to 68kg which is now going to be Octobers goal. I blogged recently about how I’ve lost weight (12kg!) and my secret, well it isn’t really a secret when you write about it on the internet.

3. My savings. It’s about $200.00? However, I bought a handbag, the Gucci Marmont top handle bag and after reading an article about designer bags being a better option compared to investing your money, then I feel I’ve made a good decision. See how I’m trying to justify it? Haha!

letter from the editor gucci marmont top handle img_0653 letter from the editor gucci marmont top handle

My wins for September:

+ My debt is nothing. NOTHING! Seriously, it’s nothing. I contemplated grabbing out my old pom poms from my cheerleader days and recording a dance for you all but that would be embarrassing and potentially you’d unfollow me, though I thought I’d include a little snap as show and tell of my cheer days.


+ I purchased my first designer bag, the Gucci Marmont top handle bag. My first designer bag and definitely my first of many.

+ Professional Babe is doing well! I’m finally starting to feel like we are finally getting our footing and making the website known in the online publishing world of beauty blogs.

+ Two weeks ago I was nursing a hangover from hell. The day after and still dreadfully hungover, I felt a sudden need to purge every part of my life. Being so hungover it lingers for days isn’t exactly a win, however, I cleaned out my wardrobe and life and ended up donating 8 bags of clothes to Lifeline. I was holding onto so much shit that didn’t feel like me. I needed to get rid of it.

+ I’m finding that being a sex and dating writer for SheSaid, brings out the crazies. And by crazies, I’m mean weirdos who PM you on Facebook and in a round about way say “please touch my peen”. Oh boy, keep your lonely boner to yourself thanks. I don’t know why some ‘men’ seem to have me confused with a prostitute. Assertive, don’t-fuck-wit-me attitude was on point in September. Usually, I’d just block and move along, but sometimes people just need a piece of your mind especially when they’re being disrespectful.

+ I made some new friends including some of my beautiful readers. Shoutout to Sophie, you’re a babe and you need to start a blog!

+ I had a holiday where I didn’t think about work and effectively switched off for about 3 days straight.

Things I could work on in October:

+ The other night I was starving. Yet with I opened my fridge I had butter, mustard and Moet. Needless to say, I wondered how I have gotten to 28 and still struggle with feeding and looking after myself. Mum?

+ I always seem to need copious amounts of reassurance that I’m okay and that I’m doing okay. I don’t trust myself, I don’t trust my gut, I don’t trust that I am doing the right thing and I need to poll my 15 closest girlfriends and come to a conclusion of what I should be doing. I think I’m so worried about fucking my life up, that I’d rather other people make decisions for me.

+ I’m not organised. I still do things right at the last minute and forget a lot of things. Not only does this cost me money, but adds to my stress levels.

Bring on October!

PS. Want to read my previous month? Click here!


Peta Serras

Editor of Professional Babe, Peta has a penchant for pretty things, Tom Hardy and ginger kittens. You can find her sipping a long black, creating killer content or making sure her winged eyeliner is even. Peta is a writer, model & Pilates Instructor based out of the Hunter Valley.

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