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How good can it really be?

Your business can be as great as you allow it to be. And I have news for you — I know you are capable of something bigger and juicier than the vision you’re holding now for what’s possible. I absolutely know you’re worthy of running a cup-filling and financially supportive business that leaves a legacy and stamps your unique mark on the world.

So let’s level up all your business shit and make it happen.

My business superpower is strategy.

It’s getting you to see what’s possible for your business and helping you develop a roadmap to get you exactly where you need to be. And it’s doing it in the most aligned way that’s designed for scale with you centred in your zone of genius.

It’s helping you structure your business in a way that works for you and designing the marketing material and growth strategies that feel authentic to you and your vision.

It’s working with you so your offers are always on point, on brand, and always deliver bank.

It’s ensuring your launches not only bring in your desired results, but they leave you feeling energised and run in a way that’s structured for scale #rinseandrepeat.

It’s expanding your beliefs on what’s actually possible for you and getting you to see the big picture of your vision (PSA, it’s limitless).

It’s working with and helping you bridge the gap of where you are now to where you want to be.

It’s making it happen.

The experience

I’d describe this experience as consulting meets coaching. I’ll be there for our laser-focussed strategy sessions where we deep-dive into areas in your business. I’ll be in your pocket when shit hits the fan and you’re needing some help and on-the-go strategy. And I’ll regularly encourage you to think big and to take up space.

To give you the most transformative experience, I’ve brought on my team to help. My Chief Financial Babe (CFB), Sharon, will fondle your finances and give you strategic financial business advice with an online business perspective. And our Chief Organisational Babe (COB), Alice, will develop project management tools for you ensuring that the lofty plans we create actually happen.

Offering inclusions —

  • 6 month intensive
  • 2 monthly calls with myself (90 minutes) to work on strategy
  • Private Voxer container for on-the-go mentoring, strategising, check-ins and support
  • 4 hours to use over the 6 months with our CFB, Sharon
  • 4 hours to use over the 6 months with our COB, Alice
  • Additional resources to help you with your long-term goals
  • Offer is completely bespoke for the business owner in front of me — no curriculum, no plans, just you, your dream, and fuqing fire.
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Peta’s 1:1 support allowed me to navigate the shiny new world of online business when I felt so out of my depth in my startup

“She truly listened to my needs, took my own words and ideas & effortlessly transformed them into marketing strategy, funnels, sales pages & email sequences (I had NO idea of whatever any of that meant beforehand!).

I achieved way more than I anticipated in the time we spent together, including creating my own website, launching a podcast & creating an online course. Peta is an incredible professional who over-delivers on her word and truly cares about your growth and success. The coaching she provided alongside the strategy was supportive, fun, & offered the accountability I needed to get the unsexy stuff done, all while celebrating me every step of the way.

Although I will miss her enthusiastic yet grounding energy on call, I have every confidence that I now know what I need to continue to grow my business upon our time together coming to an end. I would absolutely use her services again when I am ready to scale what it is we have created together.”

— Laura Rizzuto

I have been a client of Peta’s since June 2020 when I first launched my boutique social media marketing agency

“Working with Peta has seen my small business almost triple its revenue, and broaden its services offering thanks to her “Give Good Email” course. This has lead to me being able to grow my little team to include a senior digital strategist and move out of my home office into our very own little space. I highly recommend working with Peta for all things digital!”

— Sarah Cutts

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