How to look good for your passport photo

Peta Serras

by Peta Serras

In every Professional Babe’s bag of tricks she knows how to take a good photo. Passport photos though can be a different story. Here is the Professional Babe’s guide to taking a flatteringĀ passport photo.

Before you shake your head at something trivial as a gorgeous passport photo, I’d like to remind you of the time Tyra Banks booked a big modelling job from a passport photo.

Yes. That’s right *clicks in Z formation*

I’m not saying that you’re going to wind up working for Chanel, but in every Professional Babe’s bag of tricks she should know how to slay her passport photo.

“Every Professional Babe is equipped with the skills of looking good in a photo. She knows that she can be photogenic if she chooses. It’s all about a little makeup, a little strategic posing and getting your surroundings right.”

Recently I had my passport photo taken and I happily instagrammed the end result.

I’ve had photos taken before but I wasn’t happy with any of them. One time my makeup washed me out too much. Another time I wore too much. Another time the lighting in the place was hideous.. And well, the others I lost.

I refused to have an unflattering passport photo. So I decided to test out a few theories to see what worked and what didn’t.

Here are your 6 tips to acing your passport photo:

1. Choose a venue with good lighting

The screen they photograph you against should face the light, such as a nice bright window or the door. It will produce a very flattering shot and will help to cancel out the ghastly overhead lighting. Your photo can also be rejected if the lighting isn’t right and there are unusual shadows, so go to a quality place to get them taken.

2. Be well rested

Don’t get your passport photo taken on a day where you have a to-do list of 27 things. Have a good nights sleep and have it as the first thing you choose to do that day.

3. Do you hair

This doesn’t mean go to the salon and get the blow-dry of all blow-drys. Your passport photo will be rejected if you have hair across your face, for that reason get it out of the way before you go so you aren’t hurriedly doing it whilst 15 people are waiting behind you.

4. Wear a little makeup, but not too much

Fill your brows in, apply some bronzer and go to town with mascara. Enhance your natural beauty so you feel like the best version of you but don’t go overboard with Kim K. contouring. You don’t want the customs officers laughing 3 years down the track because you overdidĀ it.

5. Think happy thoughts

Although you can’t smile, it doesn’t mean you have to look like you’re attending a funeral. You’ll need to keep your mouth closed, but think about something that makes you happy. It will show in your eyes.

6. Clench your teeth

My secret Supermodel tip for making your cheekbones pop and getting a nice defined jawline. This can take a little practice to appear natural but I do believe it makes a big difference. Whenever I do a headshot for modelling I’ll clench my back teeth. I noticed my face didn’t appear as defined when I relaxed my jaw but I find that it helps to hollow your cheeks slightly which is why it makes your cheekbones pop!


PS. Want to look good in all your photos? I created a guide that teaches you how to look amazing in photos. Check it out here!

Peta Serras

Editor of Professional Babe, Peta has a penchant for pretty things, Tom Hardy and ginger kittens. You can find her sipping a long black, creating killer content or making sure her winged eyeliner is even. Peta is a writer, model & Pilates Instructor based out of the Hunter Valley.

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