What every Professional Babe should outsource

Because your time is too precious to waste. See your worth and invest in yourself[…]

When should we update our lingerie drawer?

We asked luxe lingerie designer Karolina Stysiak from Karolina Couture Lingerie your most asked lingerie questions.[…]

Beauty 101: Makeup hygiene with Sharon Farrell

We ask makeup artist Sharon Farrell your most asked questions about makeup hygiene. I hold[…]

Avoiding makeup regret

7 simple tips to have you loving your makeup application every time. Makeup is loved[…]

Professional Babe beauty buys

The only products worth investing in are the holy grail kind. Here are the Professional[…]

Getting back on track in 7 steps

It’s easy to fall off track and end up knee deep in pastries. Here’s how[…]

Why you can’t touch your toes

Touching your toes is a little more complicated than just stretching the backs of the[…]

How to take a flattering selfie

Why is it that your selfie makes you look 10 times bigger than you appear[…]

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