Professional Babe beauty buys

The only products worth investing in are the holy grail kind. Here are the Professional[…]

Getting back on track in 7 steps

It’s easy to fall off track and end up knee deep in pastries. Here’s how[…]

Why you can’t touch your toes

Touching your toes is a little more complicated than just stretching the backs of the[…]

How to take a flattering selfie

Why is it that your selfie makes you look 10 times bigger than you appear[…]

I had CoolSculpting part three

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure similar to liposuction with no downtime.

Why you should create a vision board

 Vision boards are visual tools that help to keep you inspired and remind you constantly[…]

How to improve your skin in a week

You don’t need to overcomplicate things. Following a basic yet thorough skin care regime morning and[…]

why your phone cover is ruining your photos

If you’re serious about taking amazing photos for your brand you want them to turn[…]

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