Breast Augmentation – the day of my procedure

Peta Serras

by Peta Serras

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I’m not even 12 hours post op so I have no idea how coherent I will be. I just thought I would post while it is still clear in my head. I had so much trouble going to sleep last night as I was so worried about the whole thing. Mainly worried about the awful feeling you have when you wake up, but most of all the size I was going. So with this post I will give you a little run down on how the day went.

Admission to hospital and getting ready for theatre: Mum and I got to the hospital about 6.45am and completed the usual admission stuff of details, allergies etc. I then got changed into a theatre gown and was lying down in a hospital bed waiting for the anaesthetist to come and see me to discuss a couple of things. I made him aware how I am awful I am when I wake up with shaking and vomiting. He then proceeded to tell me about what to expect and then mentioned a risk is your teeth getting damaged while under! What! This freaked me out heaps considering I like my teeth! He explained it can be due to biting down on the tubes they put down your throat when you wake up but it’s quite rare of this happening.

Meeting with the surgeon and pre surgery: After I saw the anaesthetist I was wheeled to another consulting room which lead into theatre. Here I met Dr Rastogi and we just had a chat abo ut the size and agreed to go with 335CC which is about a C cup. However in bras I will probably be a 10D. He marked me up which took about 20 minutes and then I fainted for standing still for so long. This was the start of all the fainting. He went to then get prepped and the anaesthetist came in. As per usual when I get surgery they have so much trouble finding a vein so the canula had to be put in my elbow crease, whatever the fuck that is called. Anyway it hurt like a bitch, more than needles usually do, so I looked down and guess what. I started bleeding all over the place. It was everywhere. I apparently turned an amazing shade of green and was out like a light again. I woke up to find 3 nurses, the anaesthetist and my surgeon all fanning me and applying cold washers to my head. After a bit of a rest I went into theatre and before I knew it I was up in recovery.

Pain: When I woke up I felt so fucking awful. I had two nurses with me and I started crying while they were holding my hand. After surgery I get really restless and they told me I had to stay still. I hate having wires and blood pressures cuffs on me any other day of the week so you can imagine what I was like, trying to rip everything off me. They kept telling me to sleep and all I wanted to do was move but I felt so drugged up and kept blacking out and coming back too. After half an hour I was fully conscious and the pain in my chest and arms was awful. My sternum (right in the front of my chest) hurt so much like someone had hit it with a hammer. My arms felt SO heavy, they just throbbed. The nurse came up and asked if I had seen them and when I looked down I had no bandages under my gown and could see them. They.Were.Huge. The scary part was that fact I couldn’t feel them at all. Oh, and I still can’t

Pain Relief: I was given a mix of Panadene forte and Valium, or Valium and Digesic. I really can’t remember what though. I felt nauseous as anything though so they gave me some Zofran via my drip. My canula however had come out and bent so when she was giving it to me it was oozing out of my arm and then all the blood began. Needless to say I fainted. Again. Ive been sent home with a small pharmacy it seems. I’m taking about 8 different pills. I have to go back on antibiotics and Mobic which I think is used for inflammation.

Day Surgery Unit: After leaving recovery I went into this big room with people recovering from surgery and they gave us food. I had a few bites of a gluten-free sandwich and some berries which were nice. I decided I felt well enough to go home and when I got up to get dressed. I FUCKING FAINTED. Oh my god. Why! Peta you are such a woose! So then I was made to stay back even longer. I think we eventually left at about 4pm which was a while considering I had been there so long that morning.

Aftercare: I’ve basically been advised to get a lot of bed rest and don’t do anything strenuous. I can’t even open a car door! Lucky though mum is a nurse so she has been looking after me. I can have a shower tomorrow and I remove the tape on Sunday and have my follow-up on Monday. I have no bandages and have been advised to wear fitted singlets. I have been told because no drains are used the fluid eventually drops down to your stomach so I will look lovely and pregnant. Joy

So here is some pictures. Ignore the fact I look like shit. They’re SO swollen. When I stood up for the first time I felt like my entire centre of gravity was off. So that will tell you how bloody swollen they are. I just wish I would get feeling back

Post Op Post

Peta Serras

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