DoTERRA Starter Series Email Templates


What’s a doTERRA Wellness Advocate’s wet dream?

Systems in place so everything is done!
Customers who set up their own LRP order!
Customers who contact YOU because they’re keen to host a class!

Grab a towel, as I’m about to deliver you my systems responsible for a completely booked out calendar each month, customers who set up their own LRP order without prompting and an email open rate that is 48.7% higher than the industry average.

If you want to create a pipeline instead of hauling daily buckets, automating your systems are going to change your life to ensure no customer falls through the cracks.

And the great thing about an automated system is it’s ‘set and forget’ meaning you have time to do income producing business activity — ain’t nobody got time to be individually emailing each customer about LRP.

Before I go on, I thought I’d introduce myself. Hello! I’m Peta and the doTERRA Golden Girl. You might have guessed my rank is Gold, I prefer ‘Presidential Gold’, as I have the work ethic of a Presidential Diamond but I’m paid as a Gold — do you like my fancy fusion of ranks?!

When I first started building my doTERRA business, I was personally enrolling 15-20 people every month as well as teaching a mother of hosted classes for my team. At first I did a great job in staying on top of all my customers — as you do when you have 17 of them! — but as my numbers starting climbing to almost 100, I knew I had to put a system in place to nurture my customers incase I accidentally forgot to mention something to them.

I jotted down everything I wanted my customers to know in the first two months of getting their oils and this is how the starter series developed. Enough information to get them ordering and using their oils and not so much that overwhelm hits and the oils get dusty and the emails don’t get opened.

The results speak for themselves — a 67.6% open rate and 18.9% click through rate.  These are unicorn numbers too with the industry average is a 20.2% open rate and a 2.18% click through rate.

At only $40.00 inclusive of GST, the cost of these templates are cheaper than the fast start commission you make when a newbie comes to you and goes HEK YES!

PS. Did I mention it’s tax de-fucking-ductable! File it under education, my lady because this course is going to help you make the moolah by improving your copy. Cha-ching cha-ching!

IMPORTANT: You will need to have email marketing software that allows you to do automation eg MailChimp or ConvertKit. There are many to choose from online if you’re not already using one!

Product Description

Included in this Starter Series bundle:

+ Six emails with fill-in-the-blank spots for you to customise for your customers

  • Welcome: your customers first email including resources
  • Time to get oily: a recap on how they use their oils including resources
  • Mood management: how to use oils for your mood
  • The most intelligent way to buy your oils: LRP explained
  • It’s time to share: hosting a class
  • What a fun five weeks: start series wrap up

+ Six colourful banners for each email

+ An ebook that explains how to use this series and maximise your open rates even further

+ Any updates that occur to my starter series or additional emails added will be sent out to people who purchase this series — free of charge!

IMPORTANT: You will need to have email marketing software that allows you to do automation eg MailChimp, ConvertKit. There are many to choose from online if you’re not already using one! I have also designed it for an Australian market with Australian resources — this will need to be amended if you are outside of Australia.



I’m a doTERRA babe, is this for me?
Yasss my babe, it certainly is! If you love to educate via emails and automation gives you a stiffy, you’ll love this!

What’s exactly included?
You’ll receive six emails that you’ll customise (minimal customisations), six banners for each email and an ebook explaining how to use them.

I don’t know how to ask this… but do you swear in it?
I know! I’m a little salacious and sweary, but don’t worry, out of the 3768 words in the starter series, I said ‘shit’ three times! I think this is pretty good, however, if you’d prefer to be a little less sweary, feel free to substitute for a less offensive word.

I’m not in Australia! Can I use this?
You can, HOWEVER, you will need to amend a few link and make sure it’s compliant for your customer base. I have used Australian resources and spelling. And by Australian spelling, I don’t mean ‘gday!’

Will this mean my customers will order 300PV worth of goodies every month? Are you that good?
Ha, no! What a comedian you are. The whole idea of this starter series is to educate your customers on what we normally would — using their oils, ordering again, hosting a class etc. I know when I first started enrolling, I was personally bringing in 15-20 customers a month and I was worried I’d forgot to contact one of them about LRP or hosting a class. I knew with my starter series that no one would slip through the cracks… unless they lived in the mountains without WIFI, then I would send smoke signals.

What format is it delivered?
When you purchase, you’ll receive an email* with a link to a Dropbox for you to download your goodies.

*Please check your spam folders! Any issues? Send me a love note! 

Can my downline duplicate this?
Yes and no. Yes, because they’ll be able to buy this starter series and implement their own. No, because they can’t copy and paste what you’ve purchased which is the license for YOURSELF to use it.

Do I need supplies?
Nothing special. Just yourself and an email marketing program that has automation available.

Do you do refunds?
As per industry standard, I don’t offer refunds on programs or resources that can be downloaded. I’ve sold digital resources for the past seven years and I’m yet to have anyone email me with, “Wow, this stinks like a roadside poop on a balmy summer day”. I’m absolutely confident that you’ll love it and notice engagement with your customers.

Is this beginner shiz and will I get value?
Yep. If you can copy and paste, you can use these templates. There is minimal editing required by you and each email works out just over $6 each — a truck load of value!

Peta Serras

Editor of Professional Babe, Peta has a penchant for pretty things, Tom Hardy and ginger kittens. You can find her sipping a long black, creating killer content or making sure her winged eyeliner is even. Peta is a writer, model & Pilates Instructor based out of the Hunter Valley.

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