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*Super important: once you’ve purchased your training, head to the Facebook group and join. Ensure you enter your PayPal email address in the questions to gain entry to the group*

Power of Three — you’re either laughing maniacally or crying yourself to sleep.

And if you’re wondering what I’m talking about, let’s summarise it as an additional $2300* structural bonus paid each month.

When that bonus hits my account, I know it completely covers my ‘Cost of being Peta’ account — my rent, my bills, my outgoings. 

But I didn’t always get it.

When I started my doTERRA business I had my eye on what I thought was the prize — the ego of rank and not something that actually comes in handy…cash money to pay bills aka that Power of Three (Po3) bonus.

Because, you know, when your rent is due, you can’t exactly pay it with your rank certificate, can you? 

I didn’t realise that a huge portion of the average salary’s on the commission statement below Diamond included this bonus, and the fact I didn’t build this way meant a huge chunk of my income wasn’t paid, all from a silly placements mistake.

The push to restructure my team came in the way of a tumbleweed-quiet month in my business. My base commission didn’t even cover my rent or living expenses — and there’s no push like the lack of income. So I restructured and I did all of the things to ensure I got that bonus — in two weeks.

This training isn’t going to be what this bonus is, why we should build for Po3 and the nitty gritty— My friend Christina did a great job of that with her part 2 training which is the reason I decided to build for it. This is purely strategy on how to fix your tree and get that extra $2300 in your account you rightfully deserve. I’ll gloss over it a little, but what I’m really focussing on is the strategy of it all for those who already have a team.

When I’m not doing doTERRA, I work as a business strategist, and my super power is looking for small gaps to close to yield cash money with simple changes. And let me tell you, just like the business owners I deal with, there are many people in doTERRA who overlook a simple change or want to tip-toe around a seemingly difficult conversation that is standing in their way of the money that’s rightfully theirs.

The tax-deductible training is delivered over x3 20 minute videos in the Facebook group, an in-depth 20-page eGuide and a follow up Q+A.

Product Description

*Super important: once you’ve purchased your training, head to the Facebook group and join. Ensure you enter your PayPal email address in the questions to gain entry to the group*

In this doTERRA Power of Three training, you’ll learn:

⁃ My Power of Three (Po3) story

⁃ A brief explanation on what Po3 is and how to view it in ‘bundles’

⁃ What my team looked like prior

⁃ What made me choose going for Po3 over rank

⁃ The mindset shift that has to happen

⁃ How to utilise 6 month inactive accounts + 13 month inactive accounts 

⁃ Simple scripts I use and how I use moving customers and Po3 as a relationship builder 

⁃ The simple message I use that gets overs under 50PV to top up to 100PV

⁃ Learn how to scan your tree and look for gaps

⁃ Why you’re not doomed despite the wholesale customer changes

⁃ How to get your team involved

⁃ The upsides and downsides of incentivising — it’s all about ROI

⁃ Making hard to decisions when you sometimes need to forgo you Po3 to be the best leader you can be

⁃ Thinking long-term and making decisions with the future YOU in mind

⁃ Overcoming the fear of talking to your customers about it — I know what you’re thinking, how you can get your customers to move to benefit you!

 How I use Po3 as a simple ‘how to build a doTERRA business’ for newbies

⁃ My x2 strategy I implement each month

⁃ And finally, taking the overwhelm out of it all. If I can restructure a Gold team 18 months into my doTERRA business you can do this too. 

This training is delivered over x3 20 minute videos in the Facebook group, an in-depth 20-page eGuide and a follow up Q+A.

*The Facebook group will be kept live. Due to the commitments of my doTERRA business and my self-care schedule, I won’t be able to personally answer every single question personally but I’ll help where I can and educate the collective when I feel it’s needed. My highest hope for this community is that we act like a community and help each other out so we all rise and get our third level bonus.

*The $2300 bonus is noted on the commission statement as $1500 USD. This price will convert to whatever your local currency is and is subject to the exchange rate. 

*And finally, when you pay for this training, that bonus won’t magically appear in your account (if only!) and the amount of time it takes each person who enters will vary greatly. Although I smashed it in two weeks, I had a very loose structure and came into doTERRA with a lot of prior business knowledge that I could easily transfer across. I will do my best to teach you to do the same, but it may take 6 months for you to receive the same results depending on various factors including but not limited to — your LRP uptake, how many people you enrol, having difficult conversations with your customers and builders.

*Super important: once you’ve purchased your training, head to the Facebook group and join. Ensure you enter your PayPal email address in the questions to gain entry to the group*


I’m a doTERRA babe, is this for me?
Yasss my babe, and frankly if you’re not in doTERRA and you buy this, you’ll be like WTF have I even spent my money on?! You’d be better off to buy to a magazine, a new butt plug or even a kitten from the RSPCA.

What’s exactly included?
In this doTERRA Power of Three training you’ll receive entry to a Facebook group with an in-depth video, a Q+A, an eBook, scripts and everything that I’ve done to get my third level Po3 and everything I teach to my team to get theirs.

I don’t know how to ask this… but do you swear in it?
Look, potentially there will be an F bomb here and there, we never quite know what will pop out of my mouth. But just imagine Betty White swearing, you can’t quite get angry at dear ol’ Betty, I like to think I’m quite the same!

Is this going to be a ‘love and light’ style kind of training?
Hell to the no! Imagine a money gun with Lizzo playing her flute with boobies and glitter and Snoop Dogg somewhere in the background. My style would best be described as ‘dick and dollars’ energy.

Will you be personally answering every question or post?
Absolutely not. I have a pretty hectic self-care schedule of sleeping in until 8am, my 2pm yoga class and swiping left on bumble. When I’m not doing that, I’m scouring the house looking for tampons, toilet paper or something to eat AND when I’m not doing that I’m working. The group will have a community feel and my highest hope is that everyone in the group helps each other out with their questions. It’s a safe space to rant/vent/share/support and I’m hoping we can all come together to do this. Of course, I’ll chime in where I can.

I’m not in Australia! Can I use this?
Yes! These skills can be transferred across all doTERRA markets. I am unsure if your rules, market or how you enrol differs to ours so you’ll need to be up to date with your countries policies.

When I buy this, does this mean a jeanie is going to pop out of a bottle and fix my Po3 without lifting a finger? 
Ha, no! What a comedian you are. You’re going to do have to do the work to fix it yourself. I will be providing eye opening strategies and inspiring you to do the work you know you need to do. Every customer tree and team is going to look totally different which is why some people can fix their teams in a month and others will take a little longer. You just need to ask yourself if you’re invested in this and see the value in doing the work.

What format is it delivered?
Everything will be run via a private Facebook group.

Can my downline duplicate this?
Yes and no. Yes, they can totally can by purchasing the training and joining the group. But no they can’t if they’re not in the group. One purchase = one pass.

Can I trust you? What if the advice you give doesn’t for work me?
Look, if we go by my choice of men, then no, probably don’t trust me. But if we look outside doTERRA, I’m a bit of a gun when it comes to all things biz-niss. Prior to doTERRA I’ve had numerous successful businesses and I like to think my skills translate across nicely. Please note, if you feel the advice I give you doesn’t work, you need to ask yourself if you’re being open-minded or resistant. I might give you advice that makes you feel uncomfortable, so sit and unpack that. This business is built on doing uncomfortable things! That is how you become successful.

Do you do refunds?
As per industry standard, I don’t offer refunds on programs or resources that can be downloaded or digital training. I’ve sold digital resources for the past eight years and I’m yet to have anyone email me with, “Wow, this stinks like a roadside poop on a balmy summer day.”

I’m absolutely confident that you’ll love it.

There’s a spelling error!
#Awkward. But these things happen. Send me an email with the error and let’s clean that shit up!

Is this beginner shiz and will I get value?
Yes and no. If you’re brand new to doTERRA I’d recommend watching anything by Rosie Nerney about Po3 floating around on Youtube and investing in my friend Christina’s Part Two training prior to starting. It covers the basics of the doTERRA power of three training.

Peta Serras

Editor of Professional Babe, Peta has a penchant for pretty things, Tom Hardy and ginger kittens. You can find her sipping a long black, creating killer content or making sure her winged eyeliner is even. Peta is a writer, model & Pilates Instructor based out of the Hunter Valley.

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