The Do-Over Detox


We understand the struggle street of wanting to be healthy, get in a better routine and lose weight. But how the hell do you do it, when…

…food is SO DELICIOUS.

… and sleep, who needs that? Plus kids, you know.

… and self-care? What’s that? I ain’t got not money to look after myself.

We get it.

The thing is, putting on weight doesn’t just happen, getting in a shitty self-care routine isn’t as exhausting as we may think it will be and being healthy doesn’t mean you need to drink kale and call it breakfast. Promise.

In the journey of health and fitness, all aspects of our life have to be considered – from your sleep, to what you eat, to how you move and even your mood. If you want to make lasting changes and feel the healthiest, hottest and happiest version of you, then you need address your life and add some healthy habits in!

Our Do-Over Detox that kicks off July 2nd will do just that. Oh, and hello there! I’m Peta and I’m one of the co-authors of this incredible program along with my gal pal, work wifey and and natural health expert Cherie Birks.

We created this sustainable reset that focusses on holistic health, not that pesky number you see on the scales. Our vision for the program is to empower you to develop healthy habits with a long-term focus that you can easily draw upon to support and maintain vitality, health and happiness and using doTERRA essential oils to support.

This program is modelled off my popular 10 Week Pilates Challenge that I ran every term at my old studio. The investment was $580-1200 to have me personally coach you.

Everyone had killer results, as we didn’t just focus on exercise, we looked at the bigger picture of health to create lasting changes and an fun health routine.

To find out the course structure, browse below to see what you’ll learn over the two weeks, what’s included, our experts and more.

Only $120.00 inclusive of GST for Australian residents.

Product Description

What is included in The Do-Over Detox?

• Over 2 weeks of Live and Interactive Support in our exclusive Facebook group
• Daily inspiration in the form of videos, expert tips, lives and more
• Comprehensive step by step eBooks on recipes, a meal plan and detox guidelines
• Ability to win free products and prizes by participating in competitions.

• Simple cooking and food prep your family will love
• Setting measurable goals you’ll stick to
• Low impact movement workouts without equipment that take 10 minutes
• Mindset advice to keep you focussed
• Water intake and why it’s so important
• Getting deep and restful sleep including essential oils to support
• Creating personal care items using simple, natural ingredients on a budget
• Using essential oils to support the body
• Using a spiky ball for the best $5 massage you’ll ever have
• Advice for those with chronic injuries who are returning to exercise or just starting
• Oral health advice with dental health expert
• Hormones and essential oils to support with a naturopath

What you’ll receive as part of the Do-Over Detox:
• Access to the Exclusive Facebook Community
• 52 page Recipe eBook
• 39 page Detox Support Guide
• Two week meal plan and shopping list
• Beginner and advanced downloads to the Peta Serras Stretching Series
• Q&A access with your leaders in the detox
• Lifetime access to the content and to all future cleanses

Your course facilitators:

Peta Serras

Having slayed the Pilates world with her award-winning studio, Peta is a Pilates Educator with 15,000 classes under her belt, an internationally sold Stretching Series and quite the writing resume. She has been the Pilates and health expert for Marie Claire, MiNDFOOD, Oxygen, Women’s Health & Fitness and Good Health. These days you can find her teaching the odd Pilates class, drinking a long black or running natural health education classes for doTERRA Australia.

Cherie Birks




Do I need oils for this?

The program was originally created to support our doTERRA customers to use their oils and integrate them into every facet of their life. There was so much hype and emails from people who were disappointed they missed out so we decided to open it up to the whole community. You don’t need doTERRA essential oils to complete our Do-Over Detox, but be aware that we will be referencing them throughout the program. If you’re looking at investing in a Home Essentials Kit, reach out to the person who referred you to this link as you may be able to get this program for free. Yup! Free!

How is the course content delivered? Is it emailed through?

Hey babe! We won’t be emailing anything through because we know what those pesky spam filters are like. All content will be placed in our Facebook support group where the daily lives, eBooks, stretching sequences and competitions will be run.

Help! I’m not on Facebook!

Facebook is totally free to join and we promise we won’t tell your friends and family that you only created a Facebook account for the detox.

How is the course structured? I need structure!

In the Facebook group you’ll find the resources in the pinned post. Download them, print them or save them to your phone. You’ll find a sample meal plan that you can follow with a shopping list and recipe guide so you literally won’t have to think about ‘WTF do I eat?’ for at least two weeks. Feel free to do a stretch sequence every morning and watch the lives as they come through.

What if you tell me to eat Tuna and I hate Tuna?

What is with the hate on Tuna? Tuna is delicious! But we get that sometimes you mightn’t like our food recommendations. All good! Feel free to ask in the group if you need a food substitution. You don’t need to follow the meal plan completely, we’ve just included it as a guide for those that need a little more structure.

Is it suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

The recipes do include meat. We have had our vegan and vego friends complete it in the past and we’re able to offer substitutions like tofu and tempeh. We modelled the food on a wholefood diet that doesn’t eliminate entire food groups which is why we’ve included meat.

Anything else I should be aware of?

Look, we’re not doctors or dieticians. This program is simply a compilation of a way of eating that works for us. If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or have any significant health issues, as always, it’s best to contact your health professional before trying anything new. By joining the Facebook group you recognise this and will use common sense with your own injuries, ailments and health conditions in mind before you make any major changes to your health or exercise regime.

Peta Serras

Editor of Professional Babe, Peta has a penchant for pretty things, Tom Hardy and ginger kittens. You can find her sipping a long black, creating killer content or making sure her winged eyeliner is even. Peta is a writer, model & Pilates Instructor based out of the Hunter Valley.


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