A review of Blog to Profit

Peta Serras

by Peta Serras

An honest review of my experiences with Alice Nicholls Blog to Profit e-course.

Six years ago I started a blog to complement my Pilates studio. I talked about everything Pilates and I mean everything. I even told you what you need to look for when you buy a Pilates mat!

I was the biggest Pilates nerd and I wanted you to love Pilates too. The only thing was no one was reading my blog and I didn’t really know what I was doing.

Yet, I still persisted and my blog content grew and I saw myself writing about weight loss, mindset and nutrition articles too.

Where it took a turn

My blog eventually transformed from a Pilates blog to a personal blog that went under my name. I started to share personal entries and spoke candidly about my weight loss struggles and even went as far as blogging about my breast augmentation journey.

With the change, people were flocking to me. I received daily emails from girls with questions about their operation or advice. My page views started to grow and I was spending 10 hours a week blogging.

Though for all the work I was putting into my blog, I wasn’t really getting anything out of it money wise.

I was torn between wanting to write about personal stuff like my boob job and making my mark on Australia as their Pilates and health expert. I realised my passion was slowly moving away from writing about Pilates as I needed a break from running my successful Pilates business.

I combined my passions of writing and modelling and that’s how Professional Babe began. The downside was I now had two blogs and my own business. Initially it was fine until I came exhausted.

So exhausted that I was hospitalised with glandular fever. I was told I couldn’t work for a minimum of three months and my debt was piling up and the stress of life just seemed overwhelming.

So what changed?

When you’re not working you either go down the route of browsing social media or watching YouTube. I did both.

I can proudly say I’ve watched every cat compilation video that’s ever been made – just quietly.

But I also caught up on my friend’s blog post entries and saw what they were up to. One girl I studied nutrition with, Alice Nicholls was now running a course on how to make profit from your blog. Intrigued, I click the link and browsed her posts and found out she was making $20,000.00 a month from her blog.

Her posts were helpful, concise and full of information that was easy to understand and implement. I knew I had to enroll in her course because it could help me turn my blog into a business and work from home.

Though I was in the thick of my debt and I didn’t need to spend any more money.

I picked the option to pay it off monthly and made some bold business decisions and made a commitment that I was going to put the work in and make this work. That was 18 month ago and I can now proudly say my blog has helped me to shift over $22,000.00 worth of debt.

What I learned

The course structure of Blog to Profit is so jam-packed it’s impossible for me to write concisely everything I learned. Alice does a better job of listing the course content.

The changes I’ve noted in my own blogging journey are so extreme that people who don’t even really follow a close eye on my journey have noted the change.

The cool things that happened after I completed Blog to Profit


I deleted one of my blogs which halved my work load but quadrupeled my profit.


I saw my blog as a business and I treat it like a business. This gives me the clarity to feel I can make adequate decisions that won’t have me wasting my time.


I can confidently chase brands I want to work with and get them to book in because I understand the analytics of my business and can talk in-depth stats as to why Professional Babe is a good collaboration for them.


Companies love working with Professional Babe and we have a resume that almost reads like the stockist directory of Vogue magazine.


I’m building a successful business online in my spare time that has minimal overheads and takes minimal effort to run.


I make enough money to pay off my debt completely, save for holidays and buy myself expensive presents like Gucci handbags.


My friend group changed to have the most supportive and like-minded boss babes that I could proudly call my friends. The buzz and helpfulness of the Facebook group is well worth the money and I’d easily invest this just to be part of the Facebook group mastermind – the business advice is better than I’ve gotten from premium business coaching or B-School.


My mindset changed and shifted dramatically to make me realise I can do this. And I can do this well. And I can do it while having fun, making money and helping people. Gold.

Why I think you should do blog to profit

I’ve spoken to so many people who have a multitude of amazing ideas and passions who I can wholeheartedly say they’d kill it in the online world. I’m forever telling my friends to start blogs because I can see them being wild successes. And I’m going to say the same to you!


You’re already an expert if people are constantly asking you for advice or your opinion, then they look up to you on that topic. To them – you’re the go-to person on the subject.


People want to learn from you so don’t discredit yourself because you aren’t the top in your field. You don’t need to be a Richard Branson or Oprah for people to take you seriously.


It’s a constructive hobby that needs minimal investment and if you get wise about it, you can easily make money doing something you love. It’s the perfect release if you have a stressful or unfulfilling job.


Although it shouldn’t be the only reason you’re starting your blog, the fact you can make some money is a nice motivator. There are many ways you can make money from your blog which I’ve spoken about here.


You will make a difference in your readers lives, without you even realising. You can help so many people and make your mark in this world by publishing your voice online.

And I want to help you make profit from your blog

Blog to Profit is the best money I’ve spent on an e-course. If you want to start a business online to make some money to make life a little easier then this is the course you need to do.

I purchased this course when I was in the thick of my debt and I made it work. I paid it off monthly as I knew I could forgo a coffee a day to make this happen. And it’s been the best biz decision I’ve made to date.

I do make an affiliate commission from anyone that signs up via this link. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, though I’m offering a bonus for anyone that goes through my link.

I’m running a workshop capped to 10 attendees as my gift to those who want to take their blog to profit.

Working with Brands Workshop: An in-person workshop

Always look on Instagram and see people working with companies you could only dream of?

Have brands contact you but never offer you cash money for all your hard work?

It’s all free detox tea and exposure that’s only ever offered. I’ll help you contact these brands AND be paid for it. No more detox tea in lieu of payment.

I’ll teach you how to leverage your numbers and followings (even if they’re small) to make brands realise they need to work with you.

I’ll show you my scripts and rate card and how I contact brands and get them to say yes. I will show you how you can work with brands you could only dream of and be paid to do it.

This half a day workshop based in Newcastle over a lush lunch is the perfect accompaniment to all the gold you’ll learn in B2P. When you enrol in B2P use the coupon code BabeToBopper and I’ve capped this at 10 people!!!

You will receive this in person workshop for FREE when you sign up.

Peta Serras

Editor of Professional Babe, Peta has a penchant for pretty things, Tom Hardy and ginger kittens. You can find her sipping a long black, creating killer content or making sure her winged eyeliner is even. Peta is a writer, model & Pilates Instructor based out of the Hunter Valley.

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