Scandi style on a budget

Peta Serras

by Peta Serras

Tips and tricks to have you emulating the latest interior trend – Scandinavian style.

Scandi styled living is modern, minimalist and will never go out of fashion.

The Professional Babe knows that she should make investment purchases especially when it comes to homewares and furniture. She believes in quality over quantity and is aware of the danger of following seasonal trends that will date in 6 months time.

Although typical Scandinavian style pieces and a neutral colour palette will rarely date, it’s worthwhile to invest. The downside? To decorate a whole house will cost more than pocket change.

Here are ways you can change your interior without breaking the bank.

“When it comes to decorating and styling it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you have a large space to work with. Begin with one room and gradually work through your house.”

scandi style on a budget | ProfessionalBabe.com scandi style on a budget | ProfessionalBabe.com

Change up your bed-linen

There are some things in life you can skimp on. A cheap toothbrush, yes. But low thread count sheets? No.

Many linen and bedding companies are opting to stock cheaper brands that are still high quality. It’s worthwhile to follow your favourites on social media to be aware of spotlight sales and special offers.

Always opt for a quality fitted sheet and pillows. That’s where you need quality. But feel free to opt for a cheap doona cover that you can easily change seasonally.

I purchased this sheet set from Adairs, which has a lot of Scandi style bedding in season. Being reversible, a gender neutral print and a neutral colour palette means it falls into the bracket of Scandi style but will also suit many other decorating ideas later down the track. The pillow slips also found their way into my shopping bag too when I read the label said they’re good for your skin and complexion. Watch this space!

scandi style on a budget | ProfessionalBabe.com

This is another doona cover from Kmart that was $35.00. I have a purple sheet set purchased from Adairs with a high thread count and feels like heaven to sleep in.

scandi style on a budget | ProfessionalBabe.com

Keep your storage items minimalist yet artsy

The Chanel approach of ‘less is more’ rings true when it comes to Scandi styling. Stow away things you would usually have sitting out in little canisters. I purchased this ceramic container from Kmart,  perfect for bathroom vanities or bedside storage. At $5 each and seemingly high quality, it’s a small price to pay for something you will always find use for.

Scandi style on a budget | ProfessionalBabe.com

Opt for art that fits into ready to buy frames

Custom framing for special pieces is a must, but can also be a costly exercise. Simple black and white prints when paired together can make a huge impact and these days can come reasonably priced if you shop around.

It’s also wise to memorise the dimensions of good quality ready-t0-buy frames. Remember to measure your art before you buy. Most online art places will note if it will fit into ready-to-buy frames and where to purchase them. Ikea is a popular choice.

scandi style on a budget | ProfessionalBabe.com

Minimise clutter & experiment with placement

When opting for a Scandi minimalist design, it’s a good excuse to declutter and get rid of items you don’t necessary need. We all have items stowed away collecting dust, so make this the time to sell/donate/keep.

If you have a tendency to hoard, this might be the cheapest way to decorate your place! I often find items hidden away in the most obscure places. Pull items out of the cupboard and display them in a Pinterest worthy way!

scandi style on a budget | ProfessionalBabe.com

Purchase one key piece

Notice how in Scandi styling the furniture looks luxe worthy and no doubt expensive? Because it probably is. Before you remind me we are doing a ‘budget’ post, I’d also like to remind you that the smart buyer saves money when they only purchase once.

Now is the time to save your money on frivolous items that will date, break or eventually bore you. Invest and buy pieces that make a statement.

You will save money and allow these standout pieces to shine.

scandi style on a budget | ProfessionalBabe.com

And also…

Think about one room at a time. When it comes to decorating and styling it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you have a large space to work with. Begin with one room and gradually work through your house.

Take your approach on the trend. It could be adding pops of orange or even a pastel theme. Incorporate your own personal style into your apartment.

Use Pinterest for inspiration and ideas. It’s a great tool for those who sometimes need a little bit of inspiration to spark an idea.

Interior design is also a great excuse for some online shopping, especially if you don’t live near any Scandi style stores. Our favourite homewares shops with a minimalist/Scandi style theme going at the moment include Simple Form, KmartAdairs and The Block Shop.

“The Chanel approach of ‘less is more’ is definitely true when it comes to Scandi styling.”


Peta Serras

Editor of Professional Babe, Peta has a penchant for pretty things, Tom Hardy and ginger kittens. You can find her sipping a long black, creating killer content or making sure her winged eyeliner is even. Peta is a writer, model & Pilates Instructor based out of the Hunter Valley.

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