Set For Scale with Email Challenge - Professional Babe

Email charlatan or email unicorn?

I ain’t some marketing bro swinging their dick around the room claiming they’re the shit with zero experience but full of bravado. I’m Peta (she/her) and my methods are sticky, humorous, and profitable.

And I know I can help you because I’ve been with a lot of people. Because we’re friends, I’m happy to kiss and tell. Over 400 business owners have trusted me with their email sitch, so know you’re doing this with experienced hands.

Before claiming my email unicorn status, my background was antagonizing the incels and coming up with 472 ways to weave a dick joke into an article. My words have been splashed on the pages of big named glossies like Marie Claire, Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine, MiNDFOOD, Woman’s Day, Oxygen, and SheSaid.