Wet Patch Content - Professional Babe

Ideate and create all your social content in less than two hours per week.

Wet Patch Content is a self-paced strategic content creation program that helps you seal the deal, make sales, and… give your audience a wet patch.


My goal is to help you create a solid content marketing strategy that’ll reel your ideal customers in and stabilise their obsession with you to a solid ‘I love this bitch and want to get her face tattooed on my rear’ level.

Imagine that relationship with your latest follower?

Wet Patch Content will get you:

  • Ideating and creating your content in under two hours per week whilst working in flow
  • Getting clarity on the best content channels to target
  • Harness your unique communication style that makes content creation feel effortless, always on point AND high-converting
  • Creating a plan that’s designed to be batch produced so your content is consistently lit
  • Creating content that’s not always you in front of the camera and always feels good to create that’s a magnet for engagement
  • Not pissing in the wind — you’re finally getting tactical and strategic with what you post
  • Everything you do is going to be reverse-engineered to ensure you’ll smash your goals
  • Setting yourself up for success by creating content that builds a bank of customers that are ready for the sale. Cart just opens? Welcome to the land of Sold Out First Day, Population: You
  • Creating content that gives your audience a semi. How would it feel to be their favourite content creator?

What you get for your investment:

Four modules of content with lifetime access

Easy-to-binge video, theory and workbooks

Done-for-you Notion content planner perfect for you & your team to use.

Meet The Modules

Your Business

We get clear on your business, your goals, and where you’ll be the GOAT (aka, where it’s best for you to shine). We’re…

  • Looking at your business. Think about it — why do we post content? Because we want a specific result in our business
  • Looking at how you best communicate and love to communicate
  • Working out where you’re doing the deed — the best platforms for you to show up on

Your Customer

We’ve nailed your business and now we nail your customer. We’re…

  • Completing the best customer avatar exercise… and it’s unlike anything you’ve done!
  • Getting clear on where your audience is to ensure your content meets them at their level
  • Looking at the customer archetypes and what you need to give your customers to help smash conversions, boost engagement, and create raving fans.

Your Content

Creating an enticing bank of content your audience can’t help but binge. We’re…

  • Creating content pillars to ensure you’re sharing content that will ultimately benefit your business profit
  • Coming up with 200+ content ideas that’ll give your audience a semi
  • Creating a content plan you’ll actually stick to

Your Content, But Make It *Spicy*

We’ve got the ideas and here’s where we create thumb-stopping content. We’re…

  • Learning how to differentiate yourself in the sea of the same
  • Creating your unique brand voice and tone guidelines
  • Learning the best way to structure your content to help with engagement

Knuckle Down

You’ll continue knuckling down with your content creation and with my prompts will have enough content ideas banked up to last you for six months.


  • Masterclasses on using TikTok, FB Ads, and Pinterest for business
  • How to plan a killer photoshoot resulting in Pinterest-worthy pictures
  • How to audit your content channels
  • Notion template to help you stay organised with your content, Google Sheets planning tools, content scaffold including the best way to structure a sales page and more

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