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Peta Serras

by Peta Serras

The Daily Mail has done what the Daily Mail does best — they’ve found one of my popular articles from when I was a dating writer and shared it — thanks!

At the time of writing this article — which is still fairly relevant to now — men saw me as intimidating and it affected my ability to lock down a quality dude. So we’re going to flip this one on its head!

Any person who purchases a doTERRA Nature’s Solution Kit between now and September 30th 2018 goes into the running to win a date* with me.

I know, I should have told you hide the pants bulge with the closest newspaper, but let’s hope you’re browsing my website whilst sitting on the loo.

And girls, don’t feel left out, we’re going to swing both ways with this one!

So what’s so life-changing about the Nature’s Solution Kit and this date*? Well, let me tell you…

Most things that are stored in our bathroom, laundry and medicine cabinet like chemical cleaners and pharmacy goods contain petrochemicals that can actually kill your vibe… if you’re getting what I’m putting down. No one ever wants to bonk like a bunny when they’re run down and popping pills, so trust me, if you want a healthy dating life then oil life really is the best life.

There’s a reason I went from a dating writer to become a Natural Health Educator, and yes, we do talk about the aphrodisiac oils in class too… *wink*

On this date, I’m going to personally show you how you can makeover your entire home with 27 life-changing products you’ve purchased which include:

15mL bottles of
Tea Tree
Lavender Peace
Easy Air
Citrus Bliss
Smart & Sassy
On Guard
Past tense (10mL)
Clary Calm (10mL)
Ice Blue (5mL)
Ice Blue Rub
Fractionated Coconut Oil
Easy Air Vapour Stick
Petal Diffuser
Wooden Box
On Guard Cleansing Toothpaste
On Guard Foaming Hand Wash (with 2 dispensers)
On Guard Beadlets
100 free product credits*
Lifetime customer support
Essential oil recipe books & App⠀

And the best part? Purchasing this beautiful starter kit will entitle you to a dōTERRA wholesale membership, which will give you a 25-40% saving next time you purchase through your dōTERRA account directly with ME as your oily support person!

Details to enter are below and I’m wishing you all the best of luck!


*and by date I mean you and your three closest friends will have the chance to sit down with me and learn how to use these oils.

+ The date is restricted to to Melbourne and Sydney

+ For those outside of those areas, let’s do it online 😉

+ The date goes for approximately 1.5 hours but I love to stay, chat and mingle after

+ The date must be taken between September 30th and December 20th 2018.

Click this link: https://www.mydoterra.com/professionalbabe/

  • Click Join and Save.
  • Choose the country and language that’s appropriate for you.
  • Click ‘Local’.
  • Choose WHOLESALE CUSTOMER. Please DO NOT enrol as a Wellness Advocate.
  • Enter your personal information.
  • At *Enroller id*, enter my number: 4704543
  • Then click verify (it should then show you my name, Peta Serras).
  • Set yourself up with a password.
  • Click over to the next page.
  • Select Nature’s Solutions Kit
  • Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.
  • If you’re interested in getting regular oils, I recommend signing up for LRP (the loyalty rewards program) – it is the best way to get your oils for the cheapest price.
Peta Serras

Editor of Professional Babe, Peta has a penchant for pretty things, Tom Hardy and ginger kittens. You can find her sipping a long black, creating killer content or making sure her winged eyeliner is even. Peta is a writer, model & Pilates Instructor based out of the Hunter Valley.

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