The Consulting Quickie - Leaving you and your business satisfied

There are times when you want someone else to come in and give it a bit of a fondle and just tell you what to do.

Let’s be honest — there’s a time and place for long-term consulting retainers and day rates, but sometimes? You want it quick and dirty. You don’t have time to mess around and draw things out — you want a hot solution in a short timeframe.

Enter The Consulting Quickie — a two-hour consulting sesh with an option of extending our date with 5 days of Voxer support.

Perfect for business owners who need to sit down with someone to create a strategic plan designed by a Virgo — so you know it’ll be fire and a magnet for sweet cash money (because why bother if it’s not?)


We could fondle the following aspects of your business —

  • Creating a business plan using my GOLS(S) framework for speedy growth
  • Business development including the creation and expansion of offers and sales tactics
  • Email marketing strategy including a health check, auditing your offers, and an email content plan
  • Live-launch strategy including creating a timeline, content plan, and organic lead gen strategy
  • An assortment of pick & mix things you want some perspective and advice on

Offering inclusions

  • Two-hour date *ahem* consulting quickie
  • Post session resources including Notion tools and templates
  • Optional: 5 days of Voxer/email support
Let’s lock it in

Once you purchase

You’ll instantly receive via email a link to book your session and a pre-session questionnaire. You’ll spend about 30 minutes answering the questions. I will use my Virgo super powers to make sense of this and work out a plan of attack for our two hours together.

The quickie

Can either be on Zoom or if you’re Melbourne-based, you can pop into my South Yarra office (let me know upon booking what you’d like). We’re going to be spending two hours together and the contents of our quickie dictated by what your desires are in the intake form.

*Optional Upgrade*

Of course you’re going to leave our quickie with actionable steps, a clear mind, and a process tailored for you, but there’s a chance you’re not ready for the rendevous to end. You’ve got the option to buy 5 business days of follow-up support — so you get me for a week. Want to flick me a sales page or the automation we mapped out to read? Happy to do so! Fancy me sending you through a pep talk better than a Rocky montage? Can do.

Let’s lock it in

Sometimes it takes someone outside of your business to see what you can't and Peta was an absolute boss. Not only do I have a clear direction, a bigger vision and a stronger belief in myself, I also now have a badass business support system and person I can work with to consistently up level. That's the push I needed.

Katie Dean
Author and Life Coach

Given Peta’s experience in the industry, she was the perfect example of what is possible for me. She helped me fall back in love with my business & she was the first person who I felt ran her business with the full embodiment of who she wants to become and is the perfect example of a CEO. Together we automated my whole onboarding sequence resulting in a better conversion rate.

Nicole Watson
Thrive Pilates

I walked out of our session feeling grounded and inspired. I was proud of my business and the new ideas I was bringing to fruition. I had a clear plan of what to do next and a number of things already done. Having someone in my corner, cheering me on and reminding me of my capability made all the difference. My energy shifted and as I started to get shit done the results came through!

Casey Benjamin
The Courage Project

Peta helped me get clarity around the insane return on investment an email strategy can have, which as someone looking for more evergreen strategies VS algorithm fighting, was becoming more important.

I had no idea about the giant ecosystem that is email marketing. I knew it worked, I knew that there must be formulas and ways of making it serve my clients and me, but I didn't know where to start with email marketing. Her practice was the first that put actual clarity around it, via actual examples that she was freely sharing on her accounts. It was a no-brainer that this could apply to me.

My favourite part was the maniacal level of enthusiasm that Peta has in a topic that is DRY to anyone before interfacing with her take on it!

Oli Sansom
Briars Atlas

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