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I know the makings of wet dreams for business owners.

My methods are sticky, scalable, and profitable, and my focus is on working with businesses to boost their profit and streamline their business through consulting and strategy.


Over 600 business owners have trusted Professional Babe with their business, so know you’re about to get your growth game on with experienced hands. Zero limp advice, only ever meaty, practical, and ROI-rich business consulting.

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Making email the most profitable piece of your marketing stack.

Dripping with strategy, you’ll save time, write emails your audience is gagging to read, craft sequences that convert, and make money whilst you sleep.

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Strategic content creation that gives your audience a wet patch and makes you cash.

Ideating and creating all your social content in less than two hours per week and always sealing the deal with sales.

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Working with Peta has seen my small business almost triple its revenue, and broaden its services offering thanks to her "Give Good Email" course. This has led to me being able to grow my little team to include a senior digital strategist and move out of my home office into our very own little space. I highly recommend working with Peta for all things digital!

Sarah Cutts
Director at The Social Haus

Sometimes it takes someone outside of your business to see what you can't and Peta was an absolute boss. Not only do I have a clear direction, a bigger vision and a stronger belief in myself, I also now have a badass business support system and person I can work with to consistently up level. That's the push I needed.

Katie Dean
Author and Life Coach

Given Peta’s experience in the industry, she was the perfect example of what is possible for me. She helped me fall back in love with my business & she was the first person who I felt ran her business with the full embodiment of who she wants to become and is the perfect example of a CEO. Together we automated my whole onboarding sequence resulting in a better conversion rate.

Nicole Watson
Thrive Pilates

I walked out of our session feeling grounded and inspired. I was proud of my business and the new ideas I was bringing to fruition. I had a clear plan of what to do next and a number of things already done. Having someone in my corner, cheering me on and reminding me of my capability made all the difference. My energy shifted and as I started to get shit done the results came through!

Casey Benjamin
The Courage Project

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