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For the business owner after some expert fondling to satisfy that insatiable business itch.

I work best with founders who love getting their hands dirty in the work, are risk takers, value growth, back their vision with their full ass (no half-assing) and are committed to make their big business even bigger.

To see how we can get down and dirty, browse my services guide. Curious to hear more about the babe? Keep scrolling to see my entrepreneur timeline and some sexy stats.

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Meet the founder:

What’s up? I’m Peta (she/her) and I’m the founder of Professional Babe. I’d describe myself as a butter enthusiast, super Virgo, Jon Hamm’s future wife, and an expert business fondler.

I’ve been with a lot of people and I’m happy to kiss and tell — over 500 business owners have trusted Professional Babe with their business, so know you’re about to get your growth game on with experienced hands. My methods are sticky, scalable, and profitable, and my focus is on working with businesses to boost their profit and streamline their business through consulting and strategy.

Curious about my background? I’m a former Pilates Instructor who founded an award-winning studio and health facility in the Hunter Valley. The success of my business saw me create and release an internationally selling health product, and become the health contributor for Marie Claire, MiNDFOOD, Oxygen, Woman’s Day, Mamamia, Women’s Health & Fitness and Good Health magazine.

I sold my studio in 2017 after identifying my passion was helping business owners (especially those in the health and fitness industry) to grow and scale their own profitable business.

Let’s go back in time

It was 7.15am on a Wednesday. I was surrounded by a sea of slate grey suits. The room smelled of coffee and 50 different kinds of cologne. Each man—almost a clone of the next—working in banking or as an accountant, or some kind of corporate job middle-aged men usually do.

“Pilates? Do you wear leotards or something?” One man remarked while shoving a cheap breakfast muffin in his mouth.

“Ah… not quite. It’s based on biomechanical science. It’s amazing for your body”

“Right. Oi, Greg, there’s a new girl here. She’s opened a yoga studio or something in town”, he yelled across the room. He briefly looked back at me and used a cocktail napkin to wipe away a crumb on his lip whilst he said, “Well, good luck I guess. It’s a tough market.”

How the fuck did I end up here? I was 20 and at a stale business breakfast designed to network and learn the latest in marketing. The content? Letter-box drops and the easiest ways to underpay the kid dropping them off before school.

My goal was to create a legacy business that changed the lives of my clients and bought a fresh approach to fitness. And I felt alone and lost in the journey of how to create something worthwhile and to create a world-wide brand.

I had to figure it out myself.

These were the days before Instagram, in-depth YouTube tutorials, or the free training we now have access to. I had to learn to trust my gut and be resilient as I encountered numerous failures and roadblocks whilst in the pursuit of my dream business.

It isn’t always easy

What they don’t tell you though about trusting your gut is that it’s not always easy.

On April 5th 2017, I taught my last Pilates classes on the business I’d spent eight years building up. I left the party on a high — three month waitlists, multiple five-figure months, a top-rated health product, and being known as the Pilates go-to by all top health publications in Australia.

It was a real pinch me career moment. But I knew I should be doing something greater than I was, with the passion of business development and working business owners feeling greater than my desire to have the best Pilates business.

That gut feeling? I followed it and I’m so glad I did.

I founded my consulting business in January of 2020 — right before the pandemic hit. Although some would say it was the worst time to start a business, I saw it as the best time to help businesses when they needed it the most. My clients went from strength to strength, and I even had the pleasure of working with start-ups that were made redundant and decided to pursue their passion project instead.

It lit me up more than anything I’ve ever done before and cemented my mission of helping business owners to make their big business even bigger, better, and stuffed full of profit, and doing it in the most direct way possible — sans fluff and BS.

Let’s work together to make it happen.

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Self-paced Programs

Give Good Email

Making email the most profitable piece of your marketing stack.

Dripping with strategy, you’ll save time, write emails your audience is gagging to read, craft sequences that convert, and make money whilst you sleep.

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Wet Patch Content

Strategic content creation that gives your audience a wet patch and makes you cash.

Ideating and creating all your social content in less than two hours per week and always sealing the deal with sales.

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1:1 Consulting

Level Up Your Business Shit

For the business owner who is ready to level their shit up and create the business they desire.

This private program sees us spending four months together levelling up ALL aspects of your business and mindset with me as your consultant, phone-a-friend, and hype coach.

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The Rockstar Experience

This is the ultimate VIP experience for the business owner who is wanting to level-up their business and anchor into the lifestyle that they know is their future.

Consider this a taste of your future self, with a day of strategic business consulting to ensure it happens.

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The Day Rate

For when a quickie just isn’t enough.

The Day Rate is designed to work with you to create a strategic plan for your business to help you bridge the gap of where you are now to where you want to be.

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The Consulting Quickie

There are times when you want someone else to come in and give it a bit of a fondle.

Perfect for business owners who need to sit down with someone outside of their business to bounce ideas off and leave with a solid plan of the next steps to take.

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