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Launch Focus

Let’s smash out your launch plan — a launch timeline so you can hit your goals, a waitlist sequence that sees you selling off socials, sales emails that people actually open and purchase from, a content marketing plan that has your audience gushing, and everything you’ll need to do to make your launch goals happen.

General Business Focus

Or maybe you want to sit down with a consultant and tighten up aspects of your business? There’s a chance you’re going from month to month and feeling like you’re showing up but not really fuqing shit up in the major way you know you’re capable of. There’s a chance some offers are getting a little dusty and others need to be increased in price but you’re stuck on the ‘how’ and the ‘will people even buy it if I increase my prices?!’ We’ll sit down and give your business a facelift and we’ll tackle it in a day.

Offering inclusions —

  • 6 hours strategy IRL at my South Yarra office or on Zoom (can be taken in one day or across two. Recommended for Zoom)
  • Can add additional slack access for a month post session
  • Can add a team training component or development of resources + SOPs

Starting price is at $5500 AUD

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Once you purchase

You’ll instantly receive via email a link to book your session and a pre-session questionnaire. You’ll spend about 30 minutes answering the questions. I will use my Virgo super powers to make sense of this and work out a plan of attack for our day together. You will have the option in this form for letting us know when you want your session and if you want to smash it out in a day or across two days.

The session

Can either be on Zoom or if you’re Melbourne-based, you can pop into my South Yarra office. Using your answers you provided, we’ll sit down and create a strategy that will level up your business. You will leave with actionable steps, a clear mind, and a process tailored for you. If you have a team we recommend you bring them along! This rate includes someone from your team with the ability to add more people for a per person fee.

Post session — optional upgrade

For the babes who want to make an impact and have me there as you action our plan for the next month — add on a month post support. You get me for a whole month for access via Slack. Want to flick me a sales page or the automation we mapped out to read? Happy to do so! Consider me a Peta in your pocket.

Apply Today

Working with Peta has seen my small business almost triple its revenue, and broaden its services offering thanks to her "Give Good Email" course. This has led to me being able to grow my little team to include a senior digital strategist and move out of my home office into our very own little space. I highly recommend working with Peta for all things digital!

Sarah Cutts
Director at The Social Haus

Working 1:1 with Peta was more than I'd ever hoped for.

She was incredibly organised and had a pre-session questionnaire which had us both focussing on the outcomes of our session. When we got down to business, wow, we really got down to business! We talked about desired income levels, got clear on the offering, price point, lead magnets for lead gen, email sequences, and the confidence to go and market it.

My cup was truly full, and just from this session I launched my offering successfully and with more clients than anticipated.

Health Through Fasting

Email sequences, funnels and let's be honest, sending emails in general was something I avoided in my business for a long time. It just felt blurgh and I honestly didn't know where to start. Plus, I had this "story" that I was successful without it, so why bother?!

Then Peta came along and I started prioritising emails more than I ever have, and my email list and open rates are proof that emails WORK! What I loved about working with Peta is she made the process easy and digestible, but also helped me to understand the strategy behind it, which made me feel like I was directing the process (hellooooo Type A and Manifesting Generator).

My open rates are above 36% and my click rate is over 4.5% (I'm told these are extraordinary numbers!) which is all thanks to Peta! Highly recommend her services for anyone looking to level up their email game (which, let's be honest, is very necessary in this day in age!)

Jazze Jervis

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