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GGE: 54% of revenue coming from emails and flows

“We make 54.5% of our revenue from our emails & majority of that is from our flows. I know once a customer is in my email flows we will convert them. Flow contribution to revenue is up 55% for year against year.” — Yanika, owner of biglittlethings & biglittlegifting

Company: &
The babe in charge: Yanika
Email software: Klaviyo
List size: 12,000+
When you joined GGE, what quiz result did you get: Valerie

What do you sell?
Biglittlethings is an online baby & mama store perfectly curated for all the things you need for pregnancy, birth, postpartum & the first year of baby.

Who is your customer?
Expecting mothers who are pregnant, planning for birth, postpartum & the baby bubble.

What problems did your business have before investing in Give Good Email?
I knew we had good basic systems in place but wanted to see higher conversion coming from them & with grand plans for flows & scaling our email marketing. I also wanted to learn more about maximising the opportunities we had & to effectively talk to our customers whilst also rolling out our loyalty program via emails.

What made you decide to go with us over other service providers? We get we’re shit hot, but what was the reasoning for saying HELL YEAH to Give Good Email?
I don’t know how the algorithm connected us but I am so glad it did. Immediately I just loved her way of telling it how it is & not BS. Which I just need & didn’t want fluff – I wanted solid information & someone who could cut through it all. & I knew from binging her content & getting her emails that this was the one course I wanted to invest in – having been burned in the past. She has never disappointed.

What was your main goal for purchasing Give Good Email and did we help you achieve it?
Just getting more efficient, get more out of our email marketing & hitting the Open Rates & CTR I wanted us to hit for so long. We went from 35-40% OR to 70-80% & CTR increased 150%+ every month. PLUS email now makes up 50% of our sales – I am now a more obsessed Valerie email nerd than ever & have delve into learning & upskilling myself in the workings of Klaviyo to the point that I can now help other ecommerce owners.

Prior to GGE, were you making money from email marketing?
Yes, but nothing that wow’d us like it does now.

After being in GGE, how much email revenue are you making?
We make 54.5% of our revenue from our Emails & majority of that is from our flows. To the point that I know once a customer is in my email flows we will convert them. Flow contribution to revenue is up 55% for year against year.

What has been the BEST part of Give Good Email?
The whole set up of how you work through it — the roadmap layout is incredible for someone like me (a proud Valerie – IYKYK) who knows the basics & wants to dive deeper into the meaty stuff of it all. I always go back to GGE & always love the experience from the videos to the Facebook group to the monthly calls when you need it.

How long did it take you being in GGE to see email results?
Oh gosh at the rate we send out emails it was pretty fast I’d say less than 2 months & then it just all clicked in & it’s been incredible to check in week in week out.

Implementing what you have learned from GGE, how much time have you saved a week from email?
I don’t know if I could quantify it but I feel like it’s more what I’ve gained in terms of confidence, sales, & results.

Can you estimate the ROI from your GGE investment?
If I had to guesstimate I would say 10x ROI.

Would you set us up with your friends and family? If so, how come?
100% – because of all the reasons stated above haha.


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