GGE: Luxury beauty brand increases email revenue by 880%
the ritual | brooke skinner

GGE: Luxury beauty brand increases email revenue by 880%

“Since joining Give Good Email, we’ve had an increase in email revenue by 880% per month.” — Brooke, owner of The Ritual.

Company: The Ritual,
The babe in charge: Brooke Skinner
Email software: Klaviyo
List size: 900, was 3000
When you joined GGE, what quiz result did you get: Valerie

What do you sell?
Beauty and wellness products and services.

Who is your customer?
Luxury beauty lovers and enthusiasts of the esoteric arts.

What problems did your business have before investing in Give Good Email?
I had a large amount of inactive subscribers, I was only sending a regular newsletter and I had no flows or sequences set up.

What made you decide to go with us over other service providers? We get we’re shit hot, but what was the reasoning for saying HELL YEAH to Give Good Email?
I wanted help automate some of the workload by creating beautiful flows and ultimately increase revenue.

What was your main goal for purchasing Give Good Email and did we help you achieve it?
The detailed step-by-step info that is tailored unique to each business. My goal was to learn how to use email as a sales tool and achieved results within first action.

Prior to GGE, were you making money from email marketing?
A little bit from newsletters.

After being in GGE, how much email revenue are you making?
Since joining Give Good Email, we’ve had an increase in email revenue by 880% per month.

What has been the BEST part of Give Good Email?
Learning how to use segments and behaviours to trigger flows and deliver beautiful content to my audience. Also building flows and also using email as the assistant I don’t have to hire.

How long did it take you being in GGE to see email results?
1 week.

Implementing what you have learned from GGE, how much time have you saved a week from email?
Not sure exactly, but I only spend 30 mins a week on creating emails now.

Can you estimate the ROI from your GGE investment?
24 x.

Would you set us up with your friends and family? If so, how come?
Email is done bad so often by big brands and well as little brands and it’s such an untapped resource that everyone should be utilising. I think people don’t realise how good and personal email can be it’s more then a newsletter with the right tools, software and training. Anyone can learn how under Peta’s guidance and I am tweaking things every month and my revenue keeps climbing.

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