Spam belongs in the aisle of a supermarket, not your inbox.

2024 Sending Requirements for Gmail and Yahoo and what it means for email marketing

There’s been some big announcements in email land for in 2024 for the sending requirements for Gmail and Yahoo. Now before you want to chuck your laptop in the bin, let’s not get overwhelmed!

The only place spam belongs is in the aisle of a supermarket — and not in our inboxes! So I see this as a really good thing for our subscribers. And remember as business owners and marketers, that when the game gets more challenging, it means there will be more eyeballs on our stuff and why this is a good thing for email marketing.

Grab a cuppa and watch the video as I run through the changes. If you want to receive this emailed through including the Notion sheet I’m reading off and all the links, you can opt-in to receive that.

The changes are:
💔 One-Click Unsubscribe • February 1st, 2024
👮🏻‍♀️ Sender Domain Authentication • February 1st, 2024
🗑 Maintaining less than 0.3% spam • February 1st, 2024

And there’s also the Gmail Inactive Account Policy Change starting in December 2023.

If you’re after a helping hand when it comes to email I can recommend my course (obvs) Give Good Email which teaches you everything you need to know about email marketing and automation.

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