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GGE: $83k email revenue from two epic launches

“Within six months, I implemented what I learned [from GGE] and had a $40,000 launch via email” — Rachael Rose

The babe in charge: Rachael Rose
Email software: ConvertKit
List size: 970 total list. Waitlist segment of 217
When you joined GGE, what quiz result did you get: Chad

What do you sell?

I sell online programs, mentorships, and workshops. Two of my main offers are Together, A Women’s Circle Facilitator Training which is an online evergreen course and a year-long business mentorship program for Mums, called Doula Your Dreams.

Who is your customer?

My clients are predominantly mothers who want to start or scale a business after having children / create women’s circles to connect with their community and increase their income in order to support their family.

What problems did your business have before investing in Give Good Email?

I didn’t have an organised mailing list, wasn’t sending in any consistency, and never used it for sales.

What made you decide to go with us over other service providers? We get we’re shit hot, but what was the reasoning for saying HELL YEAH to Give Good Email?

I loved Peta’s style of teaching, taking a boring (to me) topic and making it engaging. Loved being able to complete it at my own pace, plus the community calls and being able to access Peta’s wisdom that way.

What was your main goal for purchasing Give Good Email and did we help you achieve it?

Start selling on email. And yes, my first sales campaign since I joined GGE, I made $40,000 by email.

Prior to GGE, were you making money from email marketing?

I had all my eggs in the instagram basket and every time I went to sell, I would see my views plummet. The idea that I could continue to reach my community through the ups and downs of a launch was really appealing. I also love long form writing and instagram wasn’t cutting the mustard. I still focus on social media as my community building and nurturing, but regularly direct people to email where deeper relationship building happens.

After being in GGE, what has been your biggest email win?

Definitely $40,000 email sales from my first email launch. It also changed my sales from being 100% via instagram to 88% via email (and from a waitlist of only 271), in this launch.

What has been the BEST part of Give Good Email?

The content is great, super comprehensive, loved the written materials that I can refer back to when I need to remember something.

How long did it take you being in GGE to see email results?

First few modules, I still have some to complete but already I have seen results.

Implementing what you have learned from GGE, how much time have you saved a week from email?

It hasn’t been a huge time saver for me as I am still not 100% across implementing automations. But GGE has directly resulted in me making more cash.

Can you estimate the ROI from your GGE investment?

Amazing! Within six months, I implemented what I learned and had a $40,000 launch via email. All my previous launches had been via instagram. Now I have a bank of data for future launches too, rather than guessing and losing potential leads in the social media land of DMs and comments.

My second launch after doing GGE was my business mentoring program for Mums, Doula Your Dreams. This had a waitlist of only 23 and I had 9 join via email marketing. 71% of sales from this $61,000 launch were via email ($43,310).

Would you set us up with your friends and family? If so, how come?

GGE covers everything you need to know, but it’s not only email – it’s about marketing and sales and being a business owner all rolled into one.


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