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GGE: Good With Money author also *very* good with email

“I wanted to be more strategic with email and not be afraid to sell my work using it and that has 100% happened.” — Emma Edwards, founder of The Broke Generation.

The babe in charge: Emma Edwards
Email software: Mailchimp
List size: 7300
When you joined GGE, what quiz result did you get: Sam

What do you sell?
Workshops, downloadables, and events.

Who is your customer?
Women getting good with money.

What problems did your business have before investing in Give Good Email?
I was only sending newsletters.

What made you decide to go with us over other service providers? We get we’re shit hot, but what was the reasoning for saying HELL YEAH to Give Good Email?
Peta doesn’t sell some vague dream or empty promise with any of her programs. She knows her shit, walks the walk, and simply sells you the ticket to walk next to her and learn. I knew she could teach me about email marketing beyond thankless newsletters.

What was your main goal for purchasing Give Good Email and did we help you achieve it?
I wanted to be more strategic with email and not be afraid to sell my work using it and that has 100% happened. I am still working through aspects of GGE (it’s been a big year writing a book and finishing graduate study, so I’ll admit I haven’t done EVERYTHING I want to do yet) but I know I can work through GGE in chunks.

Prior to GGE, were you making money from email marketing?
Only sporadically. I’ve been sending my newsletter every week for four years, but always giving and never selling. GGE gave me the kick up the bum to see email as a great opportunity to sell to my audience.

After being in GGE, how much email revenue are you making?
In a recent program launch, 25% of my revenue came from email specifically – probably revenue I wouldn’t have had without it!

What has been the BEST part of Give Good Email?
Honestly the confidence and resilience I’ve gained from selling my work through email. For so long I felt like I had to keep my newsletters free from any selling, but doing GGE made me discover new ways to invite people who want my work to get it!

How long did it take you being in GGE to see email results?
1 month.

Can you estimate the ROI from your GGE investment?
I’ve made the cost of GGE from email sales in the last quarter alone. So over 100%!!!!

Would you set us up with your friends and family? If so, how come?
Definitely. Because Peta will turkey slap you round the chops with everything you and your business need to hear — exactly when you need to hear it the most.


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