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GGE: $10k in sales from an email campaign

“My biggest email campaign to date has been $10k in sales.” — Kara Lehmann

Company: The Beauty Boss VA
The babe in charge: Kara Lehmann
Email software: Kajabi
List size: 500
When you joined GGE, what quiz result did you get: Chad

What do you sell?
Virtual Assistant Services for the beauty industry.

Who is your customer?
Hair and Beauty Salon Owners.

What problems did your business have before investing in Give Good Email?
I didn’t know how to maximise my list and understand the metrics.

What made you decide to go with us over other service providers? We get we’re shit hot, but what was the reasoning for saying HELL YEAH to Give Good Email?
I really loved the email content Peta was sending me and really just wanted to be more like Peta in the way she connected with me and wrote incredible emails.

What was your main goal for purchasing Give Good Email and did we help you achieve it?
To help myself grow my email list, help make my email services for my client’s more powerful and make more sales on email.

Prior to GGE, were you making money from email marketing?
Yes but only when I had a sale.

After being in GGE, how much email revenue are you making?
My biggest email campaign to date has been $10k in sales.

What has been the BEST part of Give Good Email?
The community and the in-depth insights into email marketing that I wouldn’t have learnt elsewhere. Peta is always updating the content and it’s such a vibe!

How long did it take you being in GGE to see email results?
First few modules, I still have some to complete but already I have seen results.

Implementing what you have learned from GGE, how much time have you saved a week from email?
I would say at least 5hours at a minimum.

Can you estimate the ROI from your GGE investment?
Above $10k for sure! I wouldn’t have been able to make such amazing sales from those email campaigns without GGE.

Would you set us up with your friends and family? If so, how come?
Yes! I definitely would recommend GGE.

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