The Rockstar Experience - A lengthy business rendezvous

A lengthy business rendezvous… with you, me and possibly a third?

It’s not a storyline you’d find on the ‘hub — but it’ll be responsible for massive results in your business. If you’re wanting to mix business and pleasure, all whilst diving balls deep into your goals, let’s do it in a day.

This is the ultimate VIP experience for the business owner who is wanting to level-up their business and anchor into the lifestyle that they know is their future. Consider this a taste of your future self, with a day of strategic business consulting to ensure it happens. Just imagine what you could achieve with a laser-focussed day and luxury getaway combined with me on speed dial for a month?

What is your dream day?

If you’re like me — a luxe motherfuqr who gives the most extra and obscene answer to this question — this experience will deliver your dream day.

And if you’re also like me, you’ll love thinking about your dream day. The full-body tingly experience that happens. That gut feeling of goodness at how fuqing great your life is going to be. Thinking about what you’ll wear and the luxurious breakfasts you’ll eat on a standard Tuesday. And the income you’ll have to not only invest in your business, but also to invest in yourself to actually become the person you know you’re capable of becoming.

I know what it’s like to feel like that’s almost in your grasp… but not quite.

Your future is expansive and as brilliant as you can imagine it to be.

So let’s expand your subconscious and show you what’s possible and how good it really gets to be.

This experience combines The Day Rate (details below) with rockstar upgrades.

Rockstar inclusions —

  • 1 night at The Ovolo in South Yarra
  • Breakfast at Lona Misa
  • A rockin’ lunch and snacks care of Little Hawk
  • A delicious dinner at a top-rated restaurant in South Yarra
  • Can include yourself + one member of your team like your VA/copywriter (additional team members can be added for per person fee)

Notes: Flights and airport transfers aren’t included. One night included.

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First up, you get to choose your adventure. We can smash this out in a day or over two half-day sessions if that’s how you best learn —

Launch Focus

Let’s smash out your launch plan — a launch timeline so you can hit your goals, a waitlist sequence that sees you selling off socials, sales emails that people actually open and purchase from, a content marketing plan that has your audience gushing, and everything you’ll need to do to make your launch goals happen.

General Business Focus

Or maybe you want to sit down with a consultant and tighten up aspects of your business? There’s a chance you’re going from month to month and feeling like you’re showing up but not really fuqing shit up in the major way you know you’re capable of. There’s a chance some offers are getting a little dusty and others need to be increased in price but you’re stuck on the ‘how’ and the ‘will people even buy it if I increase my prices?!’ We’ll sit down and give your business a facelift and we’ll tackle it in a day.

Offering inclusions —

  • 6 hours strategy IRL at my South Yarra office (spent in one day or across two days)
  • 1 hour strategy at EOM to sort out snags
  • 1 month Voxer support
  • Additional resources to help you with your long-term goals and access to our resource hub
  • Can bring a member of your team like your VA along (can include more for a per person fee)

Notes: A total of 7 hours strategy + one month Voxer support.

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The process

When it comes to The Rockstar Experience, each experience is tailored to the client I’m meeting. I don’t have a framework or model I work through, rather, create a custom strategy with the business owner in front of me.

Once you purchase

We’ll be in touch to secure a date. Please note: there needs to be a minimum of one month notice to book this. We’ll get some details from you about your business — even your favourite cuisine and bevvy! — for us to organise the most delightful rendezvous.

Before the experience

We’ll send you an itinerary and get you organised for your trip. You’ll have everything you need in a handy little PDF we’ll send through about two weeks prior to your visit.

The experience

You’ll make your way to PB HQ at The Commons. We’ll spend the day strategising and finish off with dinner at one of South Yarra’s top restaurants. I’ll drop you back at The Ovolo for your final stay followed by a late checkout.

Post experience

You get me for a whole month for access via Voxer — my favourite voice messaging app. Want to flick me a sales page or the automation we mapped out to read? Happy to do so! Consider me a Peta in your pocket.

At the end

We meet for an hour a month post your experience to wrap up and address any snags or other questions you may have. Be prepared to have your pants shocked off you as you realise how far you’ve come in a month.

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Sometimes it takes someone outside of your business to see what you can’t and Peta was an absolute boss

“Not only do I have a clear direction, a bigger vision and a stronger belief in myself, I also now have a badass business support system and person I can work with to consistently up level. That’s the push I needed.”

— Katie Dean, author and life coach

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