THE SHOOT: The new era of Professional Babe - Professional Babe

THE SHOOT: The new era of Professional Babe


The OG version of Professional Babe launched in 2014 as a creative outlet — a beauty and lifestyle editorial brand. It was rebranded and I launched the new iteration of Professional Babe and my first offering, a monthly business membership, right before ‘Rona hit.

In this time, I worked with clients who were made redundant to create their own businesses, and so, solidifying my confidence that I absolutely can do this as a business and I have finally found my thing.

My goal for all business owners is to help them build a fuqing rock solid, profitable, streamlined business through expert strategy and consulting. Free from cookie cutter approaches, BEIGE, shoulds, and fast fashion-style business trends.

I believe shit gets really good when we can expand your beliefs on what’s possible and see the true big picture of your vision. Combine that with a strategy-based roadmap and me as your hype coach? Just imagine.


In July of 2021, I began to wrangle a team to bring together my vision. Having been in lockdown for most of this new business, I was convinced we would be out soon and I was ready to release something incredible and show up as this new version of myself—my brand—and really show the business world that Professional Babe was here to fuq shit up in a very major way.

Despite being the analytical and structurally-minded Virgo that fondles their clients business, it’s a little different when it’s your own. Introducing the visionary founder (moi) who went into this rebrand like it was the September Issue.

From working with moodboards based on colours and vibes, to feeling-based statements and, “okay, just visualise this whilst I set a scene for you”, my team certainly delivered.

My goal was to bring an editorial flair to the business world and meet my goal of being the Violet Grey of the business world. I wanted to showcase my future self. I wanted to be bold, unique, but most importantly, 100% my authentic self.


Our September Issue shoot happened when everyone was dropping like flies from the spicy cough. Shops were closed. Transit times were cooked. And sourcing clothes and a location in this time was like an Olympic-sport level extreme sport.

The shoot team was a lean team comprised of Oli Sansom and myself. Oli taking the photos, ensuring the vibe was right, acting as my therapist, co-creative director, and all round amazing human. And myself as the gal in the photos, and also the… stylist, hair and makeup person, location scouter, co-creative director and the most important task — being in charge of the tune. See what I mean about shoots being an extreme sport?

The shoot ended at 10pm and I blew a load many times seeing the back of the camera and my vision coming to life. People weren’t going to get it, but the ones that would, would froth HARD.

There were three main looks — three items of clothing in my wardrobe that are the epitome of ‘The Average Tuesday Morning Fantasy’—more on that to come—and felt very true to Professional Babe. We shot in the room and the the hallway of The Ovolo South Yarra. The team there were INCREDIBLE to deal with, and so a professional partnership was formed so all PB guests will stay at The Ovolo for an end to end, rockstar experience.

The organising of it took weeks to plan and is also a unit within Wet Patch Content FYI.


This is the exact playlist we shot to. Listen to it and browse this site — it’s a fuqing delight.


Lethal Digital has been my ride or die since 2010. Lee brought my online fitness vision to life. This iteration started in a very messy Google Doc and Lee and his team transformed it into something better than I could have ever imagined.

Oli Sansom, I am obsessed with you. This is my favourite shoot to date. Oli understood my vision and well and truly delivered. Considering the saga of the shoot day and Oli being thrust into taking the lead with me pre-anxiety attack—“Um… she’s in the… shower”—Oli and I created something that is September issue-worthy.

Flying Art Studios. Cool, calm, and collected energy. I spotted David on the street less than a week out from the shoot and we decided to wing and produce something in the short hours I had the room for the next day. The videos look like something from a 1970s commercial — they delivered.

The Ovolo South Yarra for being absolutely accommodating legends. It was the best hotel experience I’ve ever had. The attention to detail is something I have NEVER seen from anywhere I’ve ever stayed. Every corner of the room there was something. 11/10 wish-I-could-live-there kind of an experience.

And to my PB team, Sharon and Alice, thank you for being there for the meltdowns, my disorganisation, the DM pep talks, and everything we did to get to this point.

This is just the tip of it all.


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